Day of Nurturance

2 1/4 hours: $265 (save $40)    

Truly taking the time to take care of yourself can be quite difficult when living in the city we often forget the need to nurture our own self to feel good and keep life moving in a happy and fulfilling direction.  A Day of Nurturance was designed to that just for you.

We begin our treatments with gravity, gravity is not only the biggest force-field on the planet, but it is the most monumental aging force our bodies have to cope with. Just as gravity prevents water from flowing upward, it also prevents the blood in our bodies from flowing upward freely, above our hearts and into our heads. Poor circulation to our heads is one reason why our eyes, ears, gums, faces, scalps and brains are often the first place we see deterioration from aging.Gravity also takes a heavy toll on our internal organs: it compresses our lungs and limits breathing capacity as well as prolapsing our colons, slowing down elimination. The colon’s descent not only affects our ability to move our bowels, but it compresses our sexual organs as well.  The inversion therapy involves being upside down or at an inverted angle while hanging by the legs, ankles, or feet with the intention of therapeutic benefits. The process of doing so is called It is a form of spinal decompression and is a form of spinal traction.[1]


We all begin life in the water – in the near-weightless environment of our mother’s womb; and, while there, we turn upside-down to prepare for our headfirst entrance into the world.

We spend most of our time sleeping in the bottoms-up position. In Keeping our heads lower than our hearts, we continue to receive a proper supply of blood and oxygen to our brains.

We eagerly seek ways to free our bodies from Gravity’s confining grasp. Hence, our exhilaration upon engaging in such activities as bouncing, rolling, sliding, swinging, spinning, etc.

We instinctively elevate our legs and feet on tables, chairs, desks, and even walls, to counteract Gravity’s pull on our bodies.

We confront Gravity’s force, and our inborn fear of falling, every time we get into an elevator or airplane, climb a mountain, ski down a hill, or take a thrilling ride.

We wonder about the enormous research on human survival in gravity-free space, while scientific efforts to understand human survival in Earth’s Gravity remains relatively unexplored.

We then follow the treatment with our Sunsplash Vitamin D unit that is the only unit recommended by Dr. Mercola. He advises against using oral vitamin D, and instead, to use this more natural way of exposing your whole body to the full spectrum of sunlight. Evidence continues to accrue showing that both the incidence and progression of cancers, especially colon, breast and prostate cancers, are beneficially affected by having vitamin D serum levels in the 40-60 ng/ml range. This amount is recommended by over 42 vitamin D researchers, and it is well above the 20 ng/ml officially recommended by the Institute of Medicine. It is estimated that as much as 75-80% of the world’s population is below the 40 ng/ml range.

• red light puts collagen in skin surface, filling in wrinkles, helping to reverse the appearance of aging
• white light strengthens the walls of blood vessels in skin, 
improving oxygenation and hydration
• all the lights together give a surfeit of vitamin D

Afterwards we sit you down and begin our PEMF treatment


La Casa has four methods of delivering pulsed magnetic energy into the body.

1) Our most popular device is the heavy-hitting Magna-Pulse, and we use it both in our Intensive Colonics, and as a stand-alone therapy. We have seen it alleviate discomfort and inflammation with astonishing rapidity—sometimes in the first session. It is our most powerful pulsed magnetic instrument at 20K Gauss per pulse and 2 Tesla.

2) The Pulsed Harmonix is a smaller unit, but still packs a punch. When there us long-standing illness, we recommend that clients purchase their own unit for home use, as his smaller unit is affordable by most pocketbooks. It has the additional advantage of being able to put the mat on the bed and works to generate energy to your cells while you are sleeping. A unit worth its weight in gold.

3) We have a device that we use specifically for the face, which delivers sound and heat energy as well as pulsed magnetic energy. A youthful face awaits you with the regular use of this instrument.

4) We have a pulsed magnetic strip which we can place on the back and abdomen during massages, enhancing the therapeutic effect of the massage.

Inside each cell of your body are one or more energy factories (mitochondria). Surrounding this energy factory is a membrane through which nutrients go in and waste is expelled. Maintaining proper function of this membrane it critical to the health of the cell and in extension the entire being. Unfortunately, over time, this membrane begins to lose tonicity due to a multitude of environmental factors (toxins, pH, deficiencies, inflammation, electrical and magnetic interference) and the mitochondria are no longer able to effectively create energy molecules. The structure is therefore damaged in two ways; firstly the tonicity of the membrane is reduced by the change of ions inside and outside the cell and secondly by the adherence of toxins to the membrane surface.

This model of the inner mitochondrial membrane also extends to the outer membrane that surrounds all our cells. These function extremely similarly and are negatively influenced in the same way. PEMF therapy works by shocking the cell with a magnetic current, thereby shaking loose the toxins from the membranes surface and re-balancing the positive ions outside and negative inside of he cell.

The re-stabilization of the cellular membrane potential increases cellular communication, energy production, nutrient uptake, detoxification and general cellular biome homeostasis. This therapy can increase the efficiency and efficacy of almost all other medical and energetic therapies.

The increased efficiency of toxic removal is only possible through restoring the body’s optimal mitochondrial energy so that mercury, lead, dioxin, and PCBs can be successfully excreted out of the body. Disruption of electromagnetic energy in cells causes impaired cell metabolism. This is the final common pathway of disease. If cells are not healthy, the body is not healthy.

Completing your Day of Nurturance treatment we end with a lovely sixty minute Massage, our  massages eases tension, aches & pains with techniques customized to your body’s specific needs. Uses effleurage, kneading, friction & vibration strokes. Calms nervous system. Feel relaxed & renewed.