Energy Recharge

2 hours: $235 (save $30)

Get reactivated and restore your body’s energy with our Energy Recharge session with La Casa’s newest, extraordinary therapy is a biophotonic instrument, the Lumina Nocturna. It is both an ATP Inductor and neuro-endocrine balancer, hand-crafted by Sky David, who has spent over 20 years developing this unique device.

The Lumina Nocturna enhances the ability of mitochondria to produce ATP, inducing the highest level of endocrine gland function as well as promoting tissue regeneration at and below the cellular level. The biophotonic properties of the device mimic the pineal gland (at the back of the hypothalamus), heightening the production of the senior neurotransmitter, N.N. Dimethyltrptamine for naturally induced deep regenerative sleep. This, in turn, recharges the adrenal glands.

The brilliance of the device is that it has a “Bio-Sensor.” Through a dynamically changing concert of complex harmonics, overtones and undertones, it senses the state of living tissue, and sends that biological information back to the master control. The output is then modified to conform to the specific tissue state at that point in time. Therefore, all treatments accommodate to the infinite variability of the living tissue as it changes. (There are no fixed “frequencies” that are universally effective for response in living tissue.)

The visible and non-visible light waves emitted reflect the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including the small slice of visible light to the human eye and beyond, in both short and long wave energy.

Placement on the sternum effects the best neurological enhancement. The effect is systemic and cascades through the tissues.

Treatment then includes placement on three primary positions along the descending and ascending circuits of the body (the conception vessel and the governing vessel) that rejuvenate the entire body and restore adrenal energy. This is the “PDT power nap”. Imagine “sucking in” the light during each position. It feels like feeding on the light as if it is an energetic umbilical cord.

Effects include better, more regenerative sleep, better excellence in activities from sports to meditation with great focus of intent, greater bodily energy, and increased rapidity of tissue healing.

Photodynamic therapies have been in extensive stages of research in Germany (under Fritz Popp, “the father of Biophotonics”) and Japan for over 25 years, and are now being studied as part of academic programs in advanced research in the United States, including at Harvard Medical School. Here is one researcher’s understanding of the effect of just one of the light waves used in the Lumina Nocturna:

“For example, the near-infrared beam interacts with the natural protein collagen, which is found in the connective tissues. The interaction changes the near-infrared light to visible light, a process known as second harmonic generation. Likewise, natural proteins and lipids within the cells interact with near-infrared light and change it to visible light through another process called four-wave mixing.

Then we move on with some Energy Reactivation which is based on the Chinese understanding of the flow of energy through “life points” — biologically active centers of the body where there is a complex meeting of interconnected microstructures (vessels, nerves and cells of connective tissues). When we stimulate these life points, we create a biologically active zone, which then affects nerve terminals, and influences the connections between all parts of the body and organs.

For the first few minutes of lying on an applicator, you are receiving what we call a “needle shower;” you will feel a sensation of prickling, followed by a warm, pleasant and exceedingly relaxing sensation. You will be simultaneously “massaged” by a roller; we refer to this as “many-needles therapy. “  The needles on the applicators are made from metals that are essential for the human body—zinc, copper, iron, nickel and silver—and they are arranged in a specific order on the mat (following the network of the life-points) to augment the healing effect. Your practitioner will then continue the energy opening through the use of the Cem Tech, a frequency device, as she moves the emitters along the meridian lines of your body. Each session ends with a needle shower on the feet.

For best and long-lasting results, we recommend a series of three treatments.