20 minutes: $60

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EWOT (pronounced ee-watt) stands for Exercise with Oxygen Therapy. This method of prolonging your life is so simple that it’s hard to believe it could work, but it does. Exercising, while breathing oxygen, dramatically increases the amount of oxygen in the blood plasma, i.e., the portion of the blood outside the red and white cells.

For the exercise part of this therapy, you will be standing on our vibration platform. This is such a gentle movement, it won’t actually FEEL like exercise. but, in fact, it is moving all your tissues and organs on a deep level (and, after all, what is exercise other than movement?). As you stand on the platform, you will feel the movement of your body all the way from your feet to your head. Whilst all that is happening, you will be breathing in oxygen, giving your body a super-charge like none else.