Self-Healing Special

45 minutes: $69 (Combine any three therapies from our A la carte menu)

La Casa means “home.” Make La Casa your second home by coming to us Monday through Thursday to enjoy our most economical self-healing spa and health treatments. At La Casa, we offer natural, holistic treatments that heal the body and soothe the mind.

Our Self-Healing special will give you unlimited access to many of our most profound treatments, for deeply discounted prices. To make it more affordable, these are all self-administered therapies. We’ll set you up, and train you to use the equipment.




À la carte

Whole Body Vibration •  Blue Light • Compression Boots •

BioMat • CryoTherapy  • PEMF Facial • Chi Machine

Light Wave  • Vitamin D/Tanning • Energy Blanket • Gravity Inversion


Individual Therapies: $40