3 ½ hours: $300 (savings of $95)

Pamper yourself like there’s no tomorrow. We rub, brush, massage, coat, exfoliate, moisten, and refresh: your skin will radiate from its care, all to reveal the “new you” underneath.

In beginning with your feet, working our way up to your head, we present you with the much talked about La Casa Body Polish, as described in the New York Times Magazine:

“…a Gramercy Park health spa that comes close to magical realism in a 90-minute body polish. After scrubbing your body with a bristle brush and massaging it with a detoxifying clay, your gentle esthetician, rubs you down with a paste of Dead Sea salt and essential oils that tones, exfoliates and gets your blood moving. To warm you up, you’re wrapped in foil, and just as you’re beginning to feel like a barbecued chicken, you’re massaged again and told to hit the showers. On your return, you’re coated with a marine algae lotion that softens and moisturizes and leaves you feeling otherwordly.”

The Body Polish combines the best of skin nourishment and exfoliation. You will sink into absolute relaxation as we do the work for you that is normally up to the hard efforts of your own body: renewal and regeneration. But don’t think for a moment that we will ignore the most important part of your presentation to the world: your face. We will make it glow and radiate with the care we give, with yet even more nourishing and exfoliation materials and techniques.

The final touch: the Aromatherapy Massage stimulates the sense that is the first to develop as we began our journey into our own lives, when still in our mother’s womb: the sense of smell. The oils we have chosen have the specific effects of calming the nervous system, and conferring a profound sense of “all is right in the world.” Enjoy with us these precious moments of eternity (or “otherworldly”-ness as the NY Times so aptly puts it), before returning to the complex world outside.