3 hours: $295 (savings of $55)

This is a fantastic blood purifier, as well as virus and bacteria-buster.

La Casa’s Pedi-Detox instrument was approved in Europe as a class IIa medical device after a wealth of data documented that it is not only safe, but also effective as a whole-body detoxification treatment. Because the feet have over 4000 pores, and they are the largest pores in the body, it makes the feet an ideal place in the body to both release toxins and to absorb nutrients.

We continue this deep cleansing with the Raindrop Colonic, using reflexology and massage techniques in combination with essential oils. The oils we have chosen bring structural and electrical balance to the body. And, the uber of all cleansings ubers is the Oxygen Bath, aka ozone. Ozone has been documented to kill every pathogen known to mankind. It is used commonly throughout Germany, India, Russia and Cuba in all holistic centers and many hospitals. Why those places? What do those countries have in common? After WWII, those countries were all essentially bankrupt. Three of them still are quite poor. But the richest of them now, Germany, still relies on ozone as its go-to therapy for killing pathogens, including cancer cells. What’s so good about ozone? It comes from air. Air is free.