Whole Body Vibration •  Blue Light • Lymphatic Drainage Compression Boots

BioMat • CryoTherapy  • FireWave Infrared Light Therapy

Muscular Relaxation Therapy


Individual Therapies: $40

Add on to any one-hour treatment: $20

Combine any three therapies for a Self Healing Special: $69


Self-Healing Special

45 minutes: $69 (Combine any three therapies from our à  la carte menu)

La Casa means “home.” Make La Casa your second home by coming to us Monday through Thursday to enjoy our most economical self-healing spa and health treatments. At La Casa, we offer natural, holistic treatments that heal the body and soothe the mind.

Our Self-Healing special will give you unlimited access to many of our most profound treatments, for deeply discounted prices. To make it more affordable, these are all self-administered therapies. We’ll set you up, and train you to use the equipment.


Whole Body Vibration (WBV)

20 minutes: $40

The most effective way of exercising is to make sure that every cell of the body is moving. La Casa has an exercise machine that accomplishes this. We call it Whole Body Vibration (WBV), and you merely stand on a platform that vibrates. It has been shown that ten minutes of whole-body vibration exercising is worth over 1 hour of other forms of strenuous exercise. Because of the supreme effectiveness of this simple exercise, whole body vibration is now used by major medical, rehabilitation & therapeutic centers across the country.

This therapy is ideal for weight loss, building bone density, as well as for accruing all the usual benefits of exercise.

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Specific Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

• Improves muscle strength and performance
• Increase flexibility and range of motion
• Enhances critical blood flow throughout the body (oxygenation and lymph drainage)
• Increases secretion of hormones that are important in regeneration and repair processes, such as HGH (Human Growth Hormone), IGF-1, and testosterone.
• Increases bone density
• Reduces the appearance of cellulite
• Increases the happiness hormone serotonin, as well as neurotrophin, a substance that supports our thinking process.
• Decreases cortisol levels
• Rehabilitates injuries and ailments
• Enhances strength
• Enhances training results
• Speeds training recovery
• Accelerates weight loss
• Reduces lower back pain
• Enhances pain reduction
• Improves collagen production
• Eliminates the effects of stress




Blue Light

20 minutes: $40

The Blue Light removes bacteria from deep underneath the surface layers of your skin. Leaves your face freshly purified, ready to receive the lotions and potions of your facial.

La Casa has a large Blue Light, which we have used, quite effectively, on many of our clients for the traditional use of it—to clear up acne. But we have found that it has many more uses.

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Lymphatic Drainage with Compression Boots

30 minutes: $40 

Treat your hardworking legs to sheer pleasure. Slip on our compression wrap leg-sleeves for a 30-minute air-pressurized service that will help to relieve muscle pain and joint inflammation. Give all leg muscles a good workout while you are utterly relaxed. This is what they use in hospitals for bedridden patients to keep muscle tonality, blood flowing and lymphatic drainage. Oxygenates; increases circulation, aids in reducing cellulite; stimulates lymphatic drainage. A great way to begin another full-hour hands-on massage–with a pre-massage. Almost as good as a real massage.







20 minutes: $40

The Bio-Mat is a thermo-therapy device that combines two known factors in the maintenance and restoration of health:
Far Infrared and Negative Ions.

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Far-Infrared Rays (FIR):
Body temperature regulation is vital for health. When the body temperature drops by only 1˚, more than 3000 essential enzymes cannot perform their function. Immunity is lowered. Cancer cells and other pathogens thrive in low body temperature environments. Through applying FIR waves to the body, the BioMat raises the body’s core temperature, stimulating an immune response and creating a more inhospitable environment to all pathogens.

Negative Ions:
When the body is deficient in negative ions, cell channels are closed and cellular communication ceases. Nutrients can’t be absorbed and waste can’t be eliminated. Through generating an abundance of negative ions, the BioMat facilitates cellular metabolism, enhances vitality and distributes nutrients throughout the body.

To learn more about the health benefits of FIR, check out this article by Helen Nichols: 16 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Far-Infrared Rays.



15 minutes: $40


A cold air application that can be applied to any parts of the body that are asking for better health or anti-aging effects. Exposure to cold air stimulates skin sensors, activating a

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Central Nervous System response. Endorphins, the body’s natural pain inhibitors and mood elevators, are then released. Increased circulation decreases inflammation, clears out toxins and metabolic waste, and brings in a host of fresh new supply of oxygen and nutrient enriched blood, stimulating cellular regeneration.






FireWave Infrared Light Therapy

20 minutes: $40

This anti-inflammatory Red light therapy is a controversial therapeutic technique that uses red-low level wavelengths of light to treat various skin issues.


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Chi Machine

20 minutes: $40


Alternately called either the fish machine or the snake machine because it moves your body in a slinking, fluid side-to-side manner. It is a therapeutic massage, an aerobic exercise and helps

Image result for chi machinetemporarily relieve minor muscle aches, pain, and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion. Locally increases blood circulation and relaxes muscles

Provides a unique feeling known as the “Chi Rush”!




Light Wave

20 minutes: $40

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A panel using near and far infrared and negative ions which is nature’s energizer, delivering a molecular level massage.  This accelerates and deepens all healing and cleansing processes. It balances pH by decreasing acidity and is considered the “Master Power Switch” which activates the body’s entire cellular communication system, making all body functions work better!  Negative ions alleviate allergies, migraines, and sinus problems.

  • oxygenates, tones, and strengthens the body
  • increases feelings of energy, aliveness and well being
  • stimulates the lymphatic system and exercises and balances the spine



Muscular Relaxation Therapy

20 minutes: $40

MRT is a non-invasive microcirculation therapy that bathes muscles with warm,
oxygenated blood. One hand is enclosed in a special mitt inside a heated vacuum chamber.
Although the therapy involves only one hand, the effect is whole-body.  The therapy takes
advantage of a unique arrangement of blood vessels called the arteriovenous
anastomosis—AVA—in the palm of the hand. The job of the AVA is to act as the body’s radiator
to dump excess heat. The MRT treatment induces the AVA to be used as a portal, infusing heat
into the entire circulatory system. Non-Invasive and drug-free pain relief.