Weekend Special
Friday – Sunday

Triple Detox

TD 1

  • 03 Steam Bath
  •  Pedi-Detox
  • Massage

2 hours: $225 (save $35)    

TD 2

  • Floatation
  • Pedi-Detox
  • Rejuvapod

2 hours: $195 (save $45)

TD 3

  • Floatation
  • 03 Steam Bath
  • Colonic

2 1/2 hours $285 ($50)


A triple Threat detox will get you moving into the right direction, we combined three of

our therapies to do just that “detox”.

With these combinations you can enjoy some relaxation while detoxifying your body.

O3 STEAM BATH (Enriched Oxygen)

Image result for oxygen steam bathOur 03 Steam Bath is a super-enriched oxygen steam bath Oxygen likes to travel is pairs – O2. But when a third molecule binds, it becomes O3, and oxygen’s traditional properties suddenly become more powerful, more activated, more energized. Because O3 is molecularly unstable, it wants to give away that extra atom. Any cell that comes into contact with O3 will accept (or steal) the gift of the third atom. As a cell takes in more oxygen, it is able to produce more energy and work more efficiently.

In our Super-Enriched Oxygen Bath, you relax in a steam cabinet while the pores in your body absorb this vital, activated oxygen. This oxygen therapy is a detoxification par excellence. O3 kills bacteria, viruses, yeast, fungi. Whenever O3 comes into contact with microorganisms, it kills them.

Dr. Robert Jay Rowen calls O3 a “miracle healer.” As well as detoxifying, O3 also increases circulation and regulates metabolism. It is a powerful stimulant of cellular growth factors. Immune cells are particularly responsive to O3. All bodily processes are improved. O3 has been shown to be effective in a myriad of disease states, including liver disease, cancer, pain management, allergies, hepatitis, diabetes, Lyme Disease. It works on so many afflictions because it operates at the foundational level of the body: the cell.

With O3, you’ve got a crackerjack construction crew rushing over to your cells and repairing them at lightning speed! Great for reparative effects as well as cleansing. Makes a great detox combination with colonic therapy. Perfect for weight loss.


• inactivates bacteria, viruses, yeast, protozoa & fungi
• enhances circulation
• increases production of collagen and cartilage.
• purifies blood & lymphatic system
• stimulates oxygen metabolism
• disrupts malignant tumor metabolism
• reduces inflammation & pain
• excretes heavy metals
• normalizes hormone & enzyme production
• improves brain function
• best free radical scavenger that exists
• relaxes muscles by reducing buildup of lactic acid & increasing muscle flexibility
• oxidizes toxins so they can be eliminated through skin, lungs, kidneys & colon
• stimulates vasodilatation of peripheral blood vessels accelerating healing
• speeds up metabolic processes of inner organs & endocrine glands resulting in a loss of 200-450 calories in a 20-minute session
• reduces clumping of red blood cells, thus reducing viscosity of blood that leads to build-up of arterial plague
• changes the worse free radical in the body – carbon monoxide Co- into Co2

Energized Hormesis Stones can be added upon request for additional benefits.


With the Pedi-Detox at La Casa, we know that the greatest detoxification benefits are achieved when detox begins with the feet. Below you will learn why our very special services work and how they can benefit you.

Meridian pathways in the body (as identified and used in acupuncture) begin or end at points on the feet. The feet have over 4000 pores, and they are the largest pores in the body. Within the fascia, the thin membranous layer located on the bottom of the foot, a large quantity of toxins are stored. For all of these reasons, the feet an ideal place in the body to both release toxins and to absorb nutrients. In La Casa’s Pedi-Detox therapy, the whole body, through the feet, is both detoxified and nourished.

La Casa’s Pedi-Detox instrument was approved in Europe as a class IIa medical device after a wealth of data documented that it is not only safe, but also effective as a whole-body detoxification treatment. The device operates by creating millions of ions, creating “bio-energetically” altered water. These ions, produced and circulating in the water that your feet rest in, enter your body through your feet. Through this “donation” of ions, the body’s energetics are increased, or simply translated, “life-energy” is given to you. And simultaneously, the ions detox the body by attracting toxins to them; the toxins are then able to be released from the body.

While you are relaxing with your feet resting comfortably in the electromagnetically altered water, you will notice that the water will start to change color. In a short while, you will see sediment accumulating. This sediment and discoloration is coming out of your body. The particles of fat and mucous residues found in the water after the foot bathing reflect the wastes that have left the body during a session. The ions have begun to neutralize and pull out tissue acid wastes.

The Pedi-Detox is especially effective in cleansing the body from heavy metals. You may see black flecks in the water as you are detoxifying. If you can grab hold of one of these small particles, and then squeeze it between your fingers, you will smell the distinctive scent of metal. Traces of ammonia are also found in the post-treatment water, indicating that the therapy supports the kidneys’ function.As well, post-treatment analysis of water documents that harmful phosphates and nitrates are released from the body.

Ionic Footbath


• Detoxification
• Stimulation and balancing of the body’s energy meridians
• Re-balancing of the body’s natural electrical energy system
• ATP production: ATP has natural body chemicals that extracts energy from your food and makes it available for numerous physiologic functions in the body. This increase in cellular ATP allows the cell to work and detoxify at a higher rate. Increasing the cells’ ability to work at a higher rate will allow the cell to withstand stressors, either physical or chemical.


• Enhances cells’ metabolism, detoxification and nutrients assimilation.
• Enhances liver and kidneys functions and detoxification.
• Prevents aging and beautifies/brightens skin complexion.
• Balances hormones, body’s pH and Yin Yang.
• Improves blood circulation and nourishes the blood.
• Improves arthritis, rheumatism and water retention.
• Balances glucose levels, lipids, and blood pressure.
• Improves various enzymatic activities in the body.
• Strengthens immunity and prevents diseases.

To receive the maximum benefit of the Pedi-Detox system, an initial six treatments are recommended during a four to six week period. A subsequent monthly maintenance treatment is advised. Some individuals have chosen to continue the treatments on a more frequent basis and found that to eliminate metal toxicity they need to have two treatments a week for a longer period of time, in some cases up to six months.

The body will continue to release toxins up to 48 hours after the initial treatment. You will need to wait the full 48 hours before having the next treatment.


Floatation the ultimate in relaxation. No parallel in terms of detoxification. Float into infinity in a luxurious flotation chamber.
• The rejuvenating effect on the brain is shown to be equivalent to five hours of sleep.
• The detoxifying effect on the body is equivalent to a three-day fast.

You float peacefully atop water that is saturated with mineralized salts, thus experiencing both buoyancy and weightlessness. Because there is no sensory stimulation in the chamber, you enter a state that is both extraordinarily quiet and intensely conscious.

Because the water is heated to the precise degree of skin temperature, there are no nerve transmissions traveling from the skin to the brain. As a result, the relaxation induced is utterly profound.

The concentration of salt to water in La Casa’s float room enables this therapy to deliver a wealth of positive effects to the body: it delivers, in effect, an ocean of energy. Bio-energetic deficits are re-balanced and weak links become strengthened, reactivating the body’s electric current. The organs’ functions start to resonate with the natural frequency patterns of the salt water. This activates the natural regulatory mechanism of the body and its self-healing powers.

Specific research shows the physiological effects from floating to be utterly profound.


• drop in blood pressure
• slowing of pulse rate
• allows the blood to circulate more freely throughout the body
• an increase in alpha and theta waves in the brain
• synchronous and symmetrical rhythms are achieved throughout the cortex
• a decrease in levels of the hormones associated with stress, the “fight or flight” hormones of epinephrine, nor-epinephrine, ACTH and cortisol
• pH levels and electrolytes are balanced; reduction of acidity
• heavy metals detoxification
• improvement of skin elasticity
• re-mineralization of skin

In contrast to a normal bath, in which moisture is extracted from the skin, the salt bath allows salt to be stored in the upper callous layer of the skin and binds the water. This maintains the natural, protective film of the skin and the skin does not dry out. In fact, skin elasticity is improved.

Clients who float report a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being during and for some time after the float. And our state-of-the-art UV light filtration and ozonating system assures you a sterile, bacteria-free environment.

Ladies: Your hair will get wet. It is, after all, a water treatment.
Weight Limit: 220 lbs.
Please Note: There is only one (1) flotation chamber available.


– Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time
– If you are late, your float session may need to be cut short to ensure the following appointment can start on time. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to our center – it’s much harder to relax into the tank if you’ve been rushing
– It’s best to avoid shaving the day of your float (or at least 12 hours before your appointment), as any minor cuts will sting (we provide petroleum jelly to cover any small cuts or abrasions)
– Avoid wearing contact lenses as water may drip into your eyes causing irritation and stinging
– If pregnant, please let us know at time of booking; it is safe to float after the 1st trimester (week 1-12)
– Do not have a large meal before our session; it may make it hard for you to relax
– We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we may suspect are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol


– Please be mindful of the time, do not take too long to shower after your float
– Consider that we may have another client waiting and we need to allow sufficient time to get the room ready for the next client
– Leave all towels in float room; we will pick it all up


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