In order to understand scientifically how we resonate with the elements, we will need to understand some basic principles about a form of medicine that is ancient but about which current research is documenting its efficacy. This is the branch of healing referred to as vibrational or energy healing.

Einstein is actually the one who paved the way for a scientific understanding of what shamans, yogis and medicine have been doing for over 5000 years. We know that when we tell you it has to do with his formula E=mc2 that your eyes will glaze over. Yet, the understanding of this formula is so absolutely simple that its simplicity is actually what will lead you to think that you don’t understand it. All Einstein meant was: energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance. That universal substance is energy. Energy is vibration.

Since Einstein, research has confirmed his theory. The modern science of super string theory teaches that fundamentally the universe is pure vibration. Quantum physics has similarly shown us that at the particle level, all matter is really energy.


This is true not only for electrons, atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs, but also for parasites, bacteria, and viruses. And, it is true for we humans, and for all parts of our bodies. We humans, like the universe in which we reside, are beings of energy. We are actually a series of interacting, multidimensional energy systems that are manifested on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes.

Each part of the body – even the smallest constituent – is a part of this bioenergetic communication network and continuously generates a stream of vibratory information. We are so much more than mere flesh and bones, cells and proteins; we are shining, electrical, magnetic (and perhaps other forms of energy not yet discovered) beings. And we exist in dynamic interaction and equilibrium with a universe of energy that is, similarly, shining, electrical and magnetic.

We know that the human body, awake, averages a frequency of 62-72 Hz. Disease sets in when the frequency drops. The frequency of the body drops when the body comes into contact with substances that have lower frequencies: junk food, canned or otherwise denatured food, drugs, even synthetic vitamins. Research has shown that merely holding a cup of coffee in your hand can drop your frequency (probably through the aroma which has a more powerful effect on us than any of us would imagine).


Researchers know that not only can we convert matter into energy, we can also convert energy into matter. This is the premise of vibrational healing. Energy can be imparted to us from an external source – materials of the cosmos, a person, even a machine; we can give others energy; we can transform our own energetic states. The universe itself is a healer; everyone is a potential energetic healer to everyone else, and we are all healers to ourselves.

Vibrational (Energy) Medicine is now one of the most widely studied fields of medicine today. It is based on the intersecting aspects of the sciences of biology, physiology, chemistry and physics, and looks at the subtleties of human structure and patterns of energy in interaction. Significant bioenergetic principles as well as treatment modalities have emerged, and there is now global interest and research in the clinical application of Vibrational Medicine. Homeopathy is one part of vibrational medicine, and has been used by various systems of medicine throughout history, but because of its subtle nature, up to recent times has been largely ignored by the mainstream medical practitioners.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Advancements in modern technology have made it possible for the previously unseen/subtle to be now seen. Subtle energy systems invisible to the naked eye of most of us as well as their influence on the physiologic behavior of cellular systems have been confirmed. For the past 50 years, physicists and other researchers following Einstein’s quantum model have been working on ways to detect, measure and manipulate the subtle energy systems of the human body.

The discoveries made through this research have made it possible for today’s health care practitioners to work with subtler forms of energy, both in the diagnosis and treatment of illness. Thus, it is now possible to view and measure the body’s subtle energy fields, as well as changes in these fields after Vibrational Medicine modalities have been applied. Vibrational medicine stimulates the body’s restorative systems without the side-effects associated with the use of pharmacological substances.



(balances energy system of the body)
60 minutes: $120

The Raindrop Technique is a method of using reflexology and massage techniques in combination with essential oils. Specific oils are applied to the body, bringing structural as well as electrical balance as well as detoxification.

Essential oils have the same function in the plant as blood has to the human; they serve as the plant’s defense system. These oils oxygenate the plant and carry nutrients, vital elements and chemical constituents to every cell in the plant. They contain each of the plant’s healing nutrients including minerals, vitamins, hormones, amino acid precursors & other components.

When essential oils are applied to human skin, they carry the same healing force as they do to the plant. Because they themselves carry such a high concentration of oxygen, they also produce in the human system the highest level of oxygenating molecules of any substance on earth. Because the oils are so highly concentrated, they are at least 50 times more therapeutically potent than the plant itself or herbs made from the plant.

Essential oils detoxify the body. The absorbability of essential oils into the human system is unsurpassed. Within 21 minutes of being placed anywhere on the human body, essential oils will penetrate into every cell within the body.

As well, essential oils have the capacity to change the electrical frequency of the body. We know that the body awake averages a frequency of 62-72 Hz. Disease sets in when the frequency drops. The frequency of the body drops when the body comes into contact with substances that have lower frequencies: junk food, drugs, even synthetic vitamins. The electrical frequency of essential oils ranges between 52 and 320 Hz. They have the highest frequency of any substance known to man. Because they are living substances, their frequency is harmonic with the human frequency. When essential oils come into contact with our bodies, the frequency of our bodies becomes raised to a degree that we become inhospitable hosts to pathogenic organisms.

This gentle treatment helps align the energy centers of the body, and allows release if they are blocked. Oils used are: Young Living products of Valor, Aroma-Siez, Ortho-ease, as well as oils of thyme, oregano, cypress, wintergreen, basil, peppermint, and marjoram.

When this treatment is done in conjunction with colon therapy (Raindrop Colonic), the cleansing is more thorough.


20 minutes: $60

The ten trillion cells in our bodies have to coordinate their communication. When there is a breakdown in that coordination, things can go awry and cause disease. When the communication is corrected, the healing process begins.

The Cem Tech is a revolutionary new technology in the field of energy healing that has been recently introduced in the U.S. from Russia. It is an intra-cellular communication device that was developed from 30 years of rigorous research, testing and documentation. It is used in Russia extensively by doctors, hospitals and clinics. The Cem-Tech is approved as a Medical Instrument-Class CE2A in Russia.

One of the virtues of the Cem Tech is that it is so versatile and is able to serve several healing functions: it both records frequencies and emits frequencies.


1) Using a specialized crystal called an emitter, the Cem Tech communicates with the body’s cellular structure using millimeter wave (low amplitude radio waves) technology. The technology allows the frequencies to impart healing energy directly into the body on a cellular level. As well, the frequencies pass through the blood brain barrier, making the healing both immediate and systemic.

2) The Cem-Tech has 11 programs, each stimulating a different area or system of the body.

3) It works homeopathically, as it can record frequencies of imbalance directly from the body, and then can feed these same frequencies back into the body in a homeopathic dose.

4) The Cem Tech changes the molecular structure of water — called structured water — by making the water clusters smaller and therefore more bio-available to the body.

5) The Cem-Tech can be used to record the frequencies of vitamins, minerals, vaccines, micro-organisms, as well as medications, and then can transmit those frequencies back into the body, again in a homeopathic dose.

6) All frequencies recorded by the Cem Tech can be infused into water. Drinking the infused water confers those frequencies into the body.

Among the various healing uses of the Cem Tech are the following:

• Relieves pain and reduces inflammation
• Promotes relaxation
• Restores harmony to major organs
• Improves micro-circulation
• Removes viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms
• Decreases the healing time for reset fractured bones, wounds and surgeries
• Improves the immune system
• Re-balances the immune, gastrointestinal, hormonal and endocrine systems



First session: 75 minutes: $600;  
Major Organ Body Scan: 45-minute: $479
All subsequent scans: 45 minutes: $200

Taking readings from the body’s electromagnetic fields has been a standard diagnostic practice in medicine for many decades. The procedures of EEG and electrocardiography (ECG), for instance, are based on the detection of electromagnetic fields that arise in the central nervous system and heart muscle, respectively. Researchers have also found that relatively weak electromagnetic fields are associated with tissues other than the heart or central nervous system, and that they, too, carry information of diagnostic value.

The Matrix Decoder was developed using Russian technology after extensive research and clinical trials. This system is a non-invasive holistic method of screening your entire body – organs, tissues, cells and even on a sub-cellular level — in detail. The device “reads” the aberrance of all the body’s systems from natural harmonic frequency patterns, and thus, isolates the root cause of illness rather than the symptoms. The Matrix Decoder identifies not only current organic dysfunctions, but also the potential risk for future abnormalities. The bodily systems scanned are: circulatory, digestive, endocrine, integumentary, immune, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, urinary, and vestibular. Additional systems utilized in the assessment are iris diagnosis, heavy metal testing, alkaline/acid balance, aura reading, and much more.

The analysis performed gives information in the following classifications: pathology, bio-chemical, allergens, parasites, viruses, bacteria and other micro organisms. Remedies are offered for resonate foods, dietary supplements, homeopathic medicines, plant medicines, stones and crystals. Clients can take home homeopathic remedies targeted for their specific conditions.

A Matrix Decoder diagnosis gives specific guidelines for targeted use of the Cem Tech. The results have been outstanding.

A full report of findings is offered.


60 minutes: $200

What NuVision Is:
NuVision is an advanced application of the holographic principle of the universe.  The physical universe is widely seen to be composed of  “matter” and “energy”. Yet a growing group of scientists regard the physical world as made of information, with energy and matter as incidentals of a two-dimensional information structure “painted” on the cosmological horizon.

How it works:
Newtonian physics operates on a linear-causation model; that is, chemical reactions occur in a progressive series of steps. But when we look at the human body (as well as all other living tissue), this model of understanding becomes woefully inadequate. Cells share an intercommunication of information in a nonlinear way. Quantum physics is the field of study that has developed to study non-linear relationships.

Research confirms that interactions between cells happen faster than the speed of light, and since the limit of physical reality is the speed of light, this means that cells are accessing the quantum field in their communication. In the world of quantum energy, predictable Newtonian causations and relationships no longer exist. Here, is this mysterious world that we have only recently discovered, things interact holistically and cooperatively.

The implication of this functioning on the cellular level is that if we are to effectively communicate with our cells, we need to do it within the world of quantum laws, the world of pure energy.

We humans are, like everything in the universe, comprised of a multitude of spinning atoms. Each atom gives off a multitude of electromagnetic energies, including the invisible waves of x-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, and, as well, all the visible light rays that make the universe (and all that is in it) able to be perceived. Each of these rays has a different frequency, and carries different information.

Each spinning atom creates its own specific field of energy, which we can call an “energy signature.“ But atoms are social; they like to come together, and assemble collectively to form what we call molecules. And they are generous, too: they share their fields of information, and then radiate their unique pattern of combined energy patterns. Each one of us is then, on the atomic level, a collection of specific energy signatures. Each of us is in a continuous process of broadcasting information as electromagnetic energy.

What NuVison Can Do:
With birth information (name, birthday, place of birth), NuVision has the ability to find each person’s specific energy signature. The system makes resonant connections between the person and the surrounding informational field, presenting a comprehensive picture of the person’s whole Being. Precise descriptions of psychological conflicts, bodily disturbances, historical places of stuckness, and spiritual dilemmas are found with uncanny accuracy.

Examples of Findings with NuVision:
Jack’s build is trim, and rather muscular, and he said that he worked at Equinox. I assumed he was a trainer. Yet, his reading said “severe weight fluctuation.” I thought this was one of the NuVision’s quirky “field” readings, and ignored it. But my assistant (in her fabulous innocence and curiosity) overrode my skepticism, and asked asked if he had lost weight recently. His answer: “70 lbs.”

Rachel is a friend. I know she has serious hearing loss, and has the speech that is distinctive to people with long-standing hearing impediments. The NuVision showed: “Visual, hearing, vocalization impairment.” Her husband was standing next to us, and then asked me if I knew that Rachel had a visual impairment as well as hearing loss. I did not.

Muli is a former Israeli military man. He seems fearless. Yet, the NuVision showed that he had a “fear of trains.” I thought this was silly, and decided not to mention it to him. But he was sitting there staring at screen (he’s a computer geek, and wanted to watch everything that came up), and commented on it. I told him to ignore it—that I liked to see patterns before coming to any conclusions.  But I thought about it for another moment, and then asked him what they call trains in NYC. His answer, of course, was “subways.” I asked him if he had had any odd or frightening experiences on a subway. His answer: “I feel anxious every time I go into the subway.”

Jim’s reading showed “gangrene.“ I knew he was diabetic. His diabetes was the reason he came to me. It also said that if he didn’t make significant life changes, he wouldn’t live long. I made some suggestions to him. A month after the reading, he had his toe amputated. He had implemented none of the changes I suggested.

Paul: I was sent a picture of Paul, a houseguest of one of my patients, showing his eyes to be red and swollen. Sensitivities and allergies showed allergy to lobster. I asked if he had had lobster for dinner the night before. He had.

Mickey is a gay man who has had had plastic surgery on his face to look younger. NuVision showed dislike of self and estrogen dominance.

Shlomo is an Israeli man who speaks no English. His wife served as a translator. The first thing that came up was dental infection. Wife said: “OMG – he has a dental infection.” Then it came up that knitting would be a beneficial activity. She said again “OMG, he knits.” Then it came up that he would enjoy bee keeping. She said, again, “OMG, he wants to keep bees.” They seem interested in purchasing the system, they were so impressed with results for both him and her.

Rae showed up as fear of gong to sleep. She has had life-long problem with fear of going to sleep.

Fran showed up as having an old surgical scar causing problems. She knew exactly what part of her body I was referring to. I referred her to my osteopath, Dr. Gary Ostrow. The work has been painful, but she is much freer in that area of her body because of the work.


60 minutes: $180

Onnetsu is a marriage of traditional Japanese therapy and modern far-Infrared technology. Science understands that energy involves heat. The Japanese have documented that degenerated cells are always cold because they lack energy, or heat. The Onnetsu therapy imparts healing heat (energy) into the body, stimulating the immune and autonomic nervous systems, as well as promoting blood, hormone and Chi flow throughout the body. Penetration depth into the body is 8 inches – deep enough to reach all major organs. Frequency range emitted is 8-15 microns – the exact frequency of infrared light from the sun.

Onnetsu Therapy works in three capacities:

1) Onnetsu has a diagnostic ability: it detects the location of unhealthy areas deep within the body through Far Infrared solar energy vibrations and heat.

2) Onnetsu balances the Autonomic Nervous System, and boosts one’w own healing ability without creating any adverse side-effects.

3) Onnetsu is the modern version of classical Japanese Moxibustion treatment, without the herbs, smoke and smell. Similarly, it acts like Acupuncture without the needles.

Specifically, Onnetsu

• Increases blood flow by promoting dilation (expansion) of capillaries
• Reduces muscle spasms as muscle fibers are gently heated
• Removes toxins from the site receiving far-infrared waves
• Assists in the reduction of swelling and inflammation by improving lymph flow
• Reduces pain through direct action on free-nerve endings in tissues and on peripheral nerves
• Stimulates enzyme activity
• Promotes the adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cellular membrane
• Attracts calcium ions to the cellular level
• Reduces acidity
• Promotes the most natural detox from deep within the body


20 minutes: $50

The most effective way of exercising is to make sure that every cell of the body is moving. La Casa has such an exercise machines that accomplishes this. We call it Whole Body Vibration (WBV), and you merely stand on a platform that vibrates. It has been shown that ten minutes of WBV exercising is worth over 1 hour of other forms of strenuous exercise. Because of the supreme effectiveness of this simple exercise, WBV is now used by major medical, rehabilitation & therapeutic centers across the country.

This therapy is ideal for weight loss, building bone density, as well as for accruing all the usual benefits of exercise. Scientists theorize that the rhythmic movement of body vibration exercises cells so they work better. Vibration prompts movement of the cell nucleus, which is suspended by numerous threadlike fibers called filaments. In addition, the movement releases transcription factors that spur new osteoblasts, the cells that make bone. With age, the balance of bone production versus bone loss and destruction tips to the loss side. WBV also works well on slow-healing fractures. In the case of an injury, vibration acts on stem cells, the master controllers of the healing process. The mechanism here is that stem cells invade the injured area, and healing is sped up.

Weight Loss:

According to Clinton Rubin, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the State University of New York in Stony Brook, bone and fat come from the same cell. A primary stem cell can become muscle, bone or fat. Scientists have found that the gentle whole body vibrations cause the cell to turn into bone to tolerate the vibration. You are obviously better off if when more cells become bone cells. WBV accomplishes this conversion: in building bone density, WBV reduces fat cells.

In one study, mice exposed to the whole body vibrating platform formed 30 percent less fat. A study of women showed the same effect. Postmenopausal women who stood on the vibrating plate maintained their bone mass, while those who didn’t lost about 3 percent.

Building Bone Density:

WBV was used by the Russian space program to help astronauts counteract the effects of zero gravity from being in space. Without the force of gravity pulling on the skeleton, astronauts lose bone at the rate of 0.2% per month. Conversely, a professional tennis player may have 30% more bone on his playing arm. Unfortunately, most of us tend to simulate the life of an astronaut rather than the life of an athlete. As a result, one gets increasingly weaker over time.

Decades of scientific studies support the effect of gentle vibration on increasing bone density. Most recently, sheep were treated with vibration to their legs for 20 minutes a day. The sheep had 30% more bone in their legs than did untreated animals after one year.

To build bone, you have to beat it up. You have to punish your skeleton a bit. Low-impact activities such as walking, swimming, and cycling are good for your heart and muscle tone, but they don’t do much for your bones. High-impact activities, such as running and weightlifting, build bone. Shocks to bone only make it stronger. Bone is living tissue, and it responds to your activities. Mechanical stress — the impact of your feet pounding pavement, the weight of a barbell, or the shock that travels up your arm when you whack a baseball — creates microscopic fractures. Your bone not only repairs the tiny fractures, but it also responds by building more bone on top of them.

Post-menopausal women are the most at risk for losing bone. The end result can be osteoporosis: bones so brittle that even the stress of ordinary activities can snap them. But, men aren’t immune. The rapid bone loss that leads to osteoporosis starts about 10 years later in men than in women – around the age of 60. It has long been known that exercise helps build bone density and prevent age-related bone loss and fractures.

Another study conducted by researchers at the Medical College of Georgia found that 12 weeks of daily 30-minute vibration improved bone density around the hip joint, femur and the long leg bone in mature mice equal to humans aged 55 to 65. All of the improved density measurements reduce the likelihood of a hip fracture, one of the most common causes of disability in the elderly. The researchers also found a reduction in a biomarker that indicates bone breakdown and an increase in the surface area involved in bone formation in the vibrating group.

Osteoporosis affects an estimated 75 million people in Europe, USA and Japan, including over 10 million cases in the United States, and the incidence is rising rapidly due to our aging population. Between 1990 and 2000, there was nearly a 25% increase in hip fractures worldwide. By 2050, the worldwide incidence of hip fracture in men is projected to increase by 310% and 240% in women.

A 10% loss of bone mass in the vertebrae can double the risk of vertebral fractures, and similarly, a 10% loss of bone mass in the hip can result in a 2.5 times greater risk of hip fracture. Nearly 75% of all hip fractures occur in women and about 25% of hip fractures in people over 50 occurs in men. The combined lifetime risk for hip, forearm and vertebral fractures coming to clinical attention is around 40%, equivalent to the risk for cardiovascular disease

And, it is never too early to start. Clinicians and researchers feel that it is crucial to build up as much bone as you can during the first 20-30 years of your life, so that when you reach the age when bone loss accelerates, the effect won’t be devastating. It’s a little like investing in the stock market. If you have $1 million and you lose 90% of it in a market crash, you’re still left with more than most people earn in a year. But, if you’ve only invested $10,000, what’s left probably couldn’t cover a month’s rent.

Exercise Benefits: Strength and Flexibility:

The human body has an innate reflexive response to disruptions in stability (think: doctor hitting below your knee cap). On the platform, the vibration causes muscles to instinctively stretch and contract: both movements occur rapidly and intensely at a rate of 30-50 times per second and the force placed on muscle fibers is increased by three times the force of gravity.

Exercise causes the body to tire; rest allows the body to recover. By repeating this process, the body adjusts to the level of effort, resulting in an increase in physical performance. This phenomenon, called super-compensation, similarly occurs when training on the WBV platform. However, compared with traditional training methods, greater results are achieved and hormonal production is increased in much less time.

Each set is performed no longer than 30, 45, or 60 seconds in length, and training sessions need to be performed no more than 3 to 4 times per week with each session lasting about 10 minutes of actual time on the platform.

You will see the results of increased flexibility each time you do a WBV work-out. Touch your toes before your set, and again after the set. You’ll be amazed.

This is a perfect activity for people who have limited time to do strength training or have difficulty with free weights.

Specifics benefits of WBV:

• Improves muscle strength and performance
• Increases flexibility and range of motion
• Enhances critical blood flow throughout the body (oxygenation and lymph drainage)
• Increases secretion of hormones that are important in regeneration and repair processes, such as HGH (Human Growth Hormone), IGF-1, and testosterone.
• Increases bone density
• Reduces appearance of cellulite
• Increases the happiness hormone serotonin, as well as neurotrophine, a substance that supports our thinking process.
• Decreases cortisol levels
• Rehabilitates injuries and ailments
• Enhances strength
• Enhances training results
• Speeds training recovery
• Accelerates weight loss
• Reduces lower back pain
• Enhances pain reduction
• Improves collagen production
• Eliminates the effects of stress


30 minutes: $30

The Bio-Mat is a thermo-therapy device that combines two known factors in the maintenance and restoration of health:
Far Infrared and Negative Ions.

Far-Infrared Rays (FIR):
Body temperature regulation is vital for health. When the body temperature drops by only 1˚, more than 3000 essential enzymes cannot perform their function. Immunity is lowered. Cancer cells and other pathogens thrive in low body temperature environments. Through applying FIR waves to the body, the BioMat raises the body’s core temperature, stimulating an immune response   and creating a more inhospitable environment to all pathogens.

How Far-Infrared Works:
Everything in the universe emits and absorbs wave energies. On the electromagnetic spectrum, infrared waves are longer than those in the visible range.

FIR penetrates more deeply into the body than its cousin near-infrared. Although we don’t see FIR, at the molecular level, FIR exerts strong rotational and vibrational effects that are biologically beneficial. This healing ability stands in contrast to the damaging effects of short wavelengths, such as UV light, X-rays & gamma rays.

Our bodies’ ability to sense heat is mostly at the skin level. Although we may not feel the effects of the FIR as we are receiving the treatment, nevertheless, the effects of FIR on bioprocesses is profound and long-lasting.

NASA certainly understood some of these effects when it developed FIR materials to insure cardiovascular integrity during space travel. Hospitals have also taken advantage of some of the properties of FIR to keep newborn babies warm in incubators.

The BioMat has FDA approval as a medical device and has similar certification from the Japanese Ministry of Welfare, which applies the strictest criteria in the world for medical device approval.

Negative Ions:
When the body is deficient in negative ions, cell channels are closed and cellular communication ceases. Nutrients can’t be absorbed and waste can’t be eliminated. Through generating an abundance of negative ions, the BioMat facilitates cellular metabolism, enhances vitality and distributes nutrients throughout the body.

How Negative Ions Work:
There are more than 60 trillion cells connected in the human body. These cells communicate with one another, sending and receiving information and nutrients and also excreting wastes. This extensive network within the body of cellular communication is possible because of the existence of ionic channels distributed throughout the body connecting the cells (a 1991 Nobel Prize winning discovery).

Without negative ions, the cell channels cannot open; nutrients cannot be distributed throughout the body, and wastes, can’t be excreted.

Negative ions have long been attributed to improvements in both mood and physical health. They increase serotonin levels in the body, increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, stem bacterial growth, alkalize the body thus increasing immunity, increase efficiency of cell’s metabolism, stabilize catecholamine levels and regulate circadian rhythm. Exposure to negative ions results in better over-all health, higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy.

A study at Columbia University showed that exposure to negative ions relieved depression as much as antidepressants.

Healing Applications of the BioMat:
•Strengthens the immune system: stimulates increased production of white blood cells (leukocytes) by the bone marrow and killer T-cells by the thymus.
•Increases blood circulation
•Oxygenates the blood and whole body.
•Burns calories & helps with weight control.
•Detoxes by dissolving hidden toxins. Promotes elimination of fats, chemicals, lactic & uric acids, heavy metals, excess sodium & other toxins.
•Gives an anti-aging effect from the elimination of accumulated cosmetic ingredients through the skin.
•Stimulates enzyme activity and metabolism.
•Aids in breaking down cellulite (which is essentially trapped water, fat and waste).
•Induces the killing of varied pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi & parasites.
•Promotes rebuilding of injured tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts (connective tissue cells necessary for the repair of injury).
•Increases growth of tissue repair cells; promotes regeneration.
•Reduces stress: relieves nervous tension & relaxes muscles.
•Strengthens the cardiovascular system: heart rate increases; diastolic blood pressure decrease.
• Relieves pain
•Alkalizes the body

To learn more about the health benefits of FIR, check out this article by Helen Nichols: 16 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Far-Infrared Rays.


60 minutes: $180

Energy Activation is based on the Chinese understanding of the flow of energy through “life points” — biologically active centers of the body where there is a complex meeting of interconnected microstructures (vessels, nerves and cells of connective tissues). When we stimulate these life points, we create a biologically active zone, which then affects nerve terminals, and influences the connections between all parts of the body and organs.

For the first few minutes of lying on an applicator, you are receiving what we call a “needle shower;” you will feel a sensation of prickling, followed by a warm, pleasant and exceedingly relaxing sensation. You will be simultaneously “massaged” by a roller; we refer to this as “many-needles therapy. “  The needles on the applicators are made from metals that are essential for the human body—zinc, copper, iron, nickel and silver—and they are arranged in a specific order on the mat (following the network of the life-points) to augment the healing effect. Your practitioner will then continue the energy opening through the use of the Cem Tech, a frequency device, as she moves the emitters along the meridian lines of your body. Each session ends with a needle shower on the feet.

For best and long-lasting results, we recommend a series of three treatments.


45 minutes: $120

La Casa’s newest, extraordinary therapy is a biophotonic instrument, the Lumina Nocturna. It is both an ATP Inductor and neuro-endocrine balancer, hand-crafted by Sky David, who has spent over 20 years developing this unique device.

The Lumina Nocturna enhances the ability of mitochondria to produce ATP, inducing the highest level of endocrine gland function as well as promoting tissue regeneration at and below the cellular level. The biophotonic properties of the device mimic the pineal gland (at the back of the hypothalamus), heightening the production of the senior neurotransmitter, N.N. Dimethyltrptamine for naturally induced deep regenerative sleep. This, in turn, recharges the adrenal glands.

The brilliance of the device is that it has a “Bio-Sensor.” Through a dynamically changing concert of complex harmonics, overtones and undertones, it senses the state of living tissue, and sends that biological information back to the master control. The output is then modified to conform to the specific tissue state at that point in time. Therefore, all treatments accommodate to the infinite variability of the living tissue as it changes. (There are no fixed “frequencies” that are universally effective for response in living tissue.)

The visible and non-visible light waves emitted reflect the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including the small slice of visible light to the human eye and beyond, in both short and long wave energy.

Placement on the sternum effects the best neurological enhancement. The effect is systemic and cascades through the tissues.

Treatment then includes placement on three primary positions along the descending and ascending circuits of the body (the conception vessel and the governing vessel) that rejuvenate the entire body and restore adrenal energy. This is the “PDT power nap”. Imagine “sucking in” the light during each position. It feels like feeding on the light as if it is an energetic umbilical cord.

Effects include better, more regenerative sleep, better excellence in activities from sports to meditation with great focus of intent, greater bodily energy, and increased rapidity of tissue healing.

Photodynamic therapies have been in extensive stages of research in Germany (under Fritz Popp, “the father of Biophotonics”) and Japan for over 25 years, and are now being studied as part of academic programs in advanced research in the United States, including at Harvard Medical School. Here is one researcher’s understanding of the effect of just one of the light waves used in the Lumina Nocturna:

“For example, the near-infrared beam interacts with the natural protein collagen, which is found in the connective tissues. The interaction changes the near-infrared light to visible light, a process known as second harmonic generation. Likewise, natural proteins and lipids within the cells interact with near-infrared light and change it to visible light through another process called four-wave mixing.”