Infrared sauna treatments are good for different skin conditions including eczema and psoriasis. New York City clients can learn more about adding an infrared sauna treatment to your healing day at La Casa by calling 212-673-2272.



30 minutes: $40

Enjoy our dry infrared sauna with some added salt blocks in room. 


60 minute personalized, one-to-one session: $130

La Casa is now offering a service that exists nowhere else in NYC, and perhaps nowhere else in the world! Tap into the incredible benefits of an infrared/salt sauna coupled with the restorative detoxification of yoga: the ultimate hot yoga experience.Infrared heat penetrates deeply into the body, stimulating the metabolism, detoxing the liver and rest of body, and recalibrating immunity. The anti-aging benefits are unparalleled, and 400-600 calories are burned in one session.

Our resident certified yoga teacher, Iva deMartelly (pictured below), is experienced in dealing with all levels and abilities, illnesses and injuries. She will work with you one-on one within the sauna to alleviate pain, and strengthen body and mind. With gentle adjustments and deep stretching, you will reach unsurpassed levels of deep relaxation, detoxification and whole body/mind rejuvenation.