Weekday Special

(Monday – Thursday)

3 hours: $270 (save $55)      

This series of treatments will work head to toe and inside out.  Our amazing Blue Light therapy removes bacteria from deep underneath the surface layers of your skin. Leaves your face freshly purified, ready to receive all of your own lotions and potions.

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Next we bring on the Chi Machine alternately called either the fish machine, or the snake machine because it moves your body in a slinking, fluid side-to-side manner. It is both a therapeutic massager as well as an aerobic exerciser.

  • oxygenates, tones, and strengthens the body
  • increases feelings of energy, aliveness and well being
  • stimulates the lymphatic system and exercises and balances the spine


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With the last part of your treatment we use essential oils in the Raindrop Technique combining the colon cleansing with reflexology and massage techniques. Specific oils are applied to the body, bringing structural as well as electrical balance. This gentle treatment helps align the energy centers of the body, and allows release if they are blocked. Oils used are: Young Living products of Valor, Aroma-Siez, Ortho-ease, as well as oils of thyme, oregano, cypress, wintergreen, basil, peppermint, and marjoram. When this treatment is done in conjunction with colon therapy, the cleansing is more thorough. When the Essential Oil Colonic is combined with both flotation and La Casa’s unique Body Polish (said by the New York Times to “come close to magical realism, leaving you feeling otherworldly”), you have given your body an unsurpassed detoxification and healing.


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