2 ½ hours: $325 (savings of $45)

We warm you up; you give us your weight.

The Super-Enriched Oxygen Bath is the uber of all cleansing ubers. Our generator adds one molecule to oxygen O2, turning it into O3, the all-powerful cleansing agent of ozone, known to kill cancer cells upon contact. Ozone is used commonly throughout Germany, India, Russia and Cuba in all holistic centers and many hospitals. Why those places? What do those countries have in common? After WWII, those countries were all essentially bankrupt. Three of them still are quite poor. But the richest of them now, Germany, still relies on ozone as its go-to therapy for killing pathogens, including cancer cells. What’s so good about ozone? It comes from air. Air is free.

Adding the Intensive Colonic also lends itself to our thinking about holistic health in other countries and cultures. Whilst you’re comfortably having your colon washed—why not? You bathe your outside, who not your inside, too?—we also apply pulsed magnetic energy to your abdomen. If you have had colonics before, but not our Intensive, once you have experienced the much more intense cleansing effect from the PEMF, you will never go back to an ordinary colonic (what we call the Classic Colonic). The difference is extraordinary.

And, finally, we pay attention to your lymphatic system. Because without your lymphatic fluid moving smoothly around your body, you cannot have good health. Your body is about 80% fluid. Some of it is blood. Blood has a pump that moves it, and thus cleanses it. But the only way lymphatic fluid moves is if YOU move it. It’s not part of your autonomic system that just operates on its own, the way the heart and circulatory systems do. This specialized massage, performed by only a therapist with specialized training in lymphatic care and lymphatic massage, gets those juices flowing once again.