Mid-week, when your body is hungry for a break from the weekday stress, La Casa offers discounted spa packages just for you.

Below are some of our very best offers. Read on to see which spa package sounds the best and give us a call at 212-673-2272 to schedule your mid-week indulgence.


Get Your Glow On Spa Package

70 minutes; $179 (savings of $121)

– Bring out your most radiant self with a full package of our light therapy skin treatments! Whilst lying atop our BioMat, you will receive a whole-body cell restoration through the profusion of negative ions it emits. At the same time,  your face will be bathed in our Blue Light, purging all bacteria lurking below the surface of your skin. Follow up with our Far-Infrared facial light, promoting the production of collagen and elastin. Now you’re warm; and next you’re chill. We blast you with arctic coolness to create incomparable cellular movement (movement = energy; energy = youthful vigor). End with a  full-spectrum tanning experience, leaving you with a richly robust glow and vibrant color.

“The One” Spa Package

40 minutes; $119 (savings of $138)

– Get “One” with your center with our most powerful grounding experience and postural realignment! Begin by oscillating on our Inversion Table and experience anti-gravity as anti-aging. Far-Infrared heat emitted from the table melts away the programming from the positions that strain our knees, hips, spine, and shoulders. Two amazing things happen next: we wrap your legs—toes to hips—with compressive air for a light massage, while simultaneously giving your whole body a gentle snake-flow, boosting the movement of cerebral spinal fluids (with the Chi Machine). With all this is going on, you are wrapped like a tortilla in our Energy Blanket, created from advanced Russian technology, grounding you into your very center. This package will have you walking with your head held high and light on your feet!