La Casa offers several body therapies, all designed to help you feel and perform your absolute best. To schedule a healing session with one of our associates, please call 212-673-2272 and be sure to ask about our mid-week body wrap specials/discounts.

A total wellbeing and results driven treatment – helps with Weight Management. It’s an instant inch loss within the hour!

Doing a Body Wrap will flush the toxins out of the blood stream, remove cellulite, improve skin texture, smooth out bumpy skin, reduce adipose tissue trapped between skin layers, firm up the skin, help break down fatty tissue, help circulation as well as assisting in the weight management and toning process.

With our Body Polish you will feel a full body cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Great when preparing for a holiday or wanting to liven up dull and sallow looking skin. Also great when preparing for a trip or special event.  Exfoliation prepares the skin, removes dead cells, plumps up and tones saggy skin leaving you feeling fresh and clean. Liven up your senses and reveal young, fresh and new skin.


Body Wrap (Seaweed)

60 minutes: $120

Seaweed: From the sea kingdom, we offer our Detox Seaweed Body Wrap. We use ocean water, which is practically identical in chemical composition to human blood plasma. Every nutrient needed by man is present in ocean water. We then mix a solution of seaweed. Seaweeds and algae deliver the sea’s full nutritional bounty in the exact proportions as they are required by the human body. Algae and seaweed are foods that are 30 times higher in chlorophyll than land plants, and loaded with DNA, RNA and nucleic factors that speed up and intensify tissue repair and supplying of cellular nutrients. Both also have the unique ability to change poisonous gases to oxygen.

Recent research indicates that the Japanese diet, replete with seaweed (typically 4-6 grams a day) accounts for their longevity (among the highest in the world). Specifically, Fucoidans are long-chain molecules found in seaweed enhance immune function, combat infectious diseases, as well as cancer.

This is a highly effective body wrap therapy wherein the nutritional benefits of seaweed/algae are conferred onto you through your skin.



90 minutes: $180

The New York Times described this delightful combination of our dry skin brushing, seaweed wrap, oil and salt rubs and whole body moisturizing as a regimen that “comes close to magical realism”. Our body polish promotes skin regeneration by removing old skin cells. As well, it stimulates the lymphatic system to circulate your internal fluids (blood and water) throughout your body. This is our most powerful health-inducing body treatment. The New York Times ended its review of this therapy by saying that “it gets your blood moving and leaves you feeling otherworldly.” Need more be said?

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