A Sugar By Any Other Name is Still a Sugar

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According to professor of nutrition Barry Popkin’s research, sugar is added in 60% of the packaged foods in U.S. grocery stores. Dr. Popkin did us the huge favor of compiling a list of dozens of names used by the food industry as stand-ins for sugar. Don’t be fooled. If it’s on this list, it’s sugar, even when it’s not called sugar.

The Two Best Brains You Have (after the one in your head)

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The nutritionist who saved my mother’s life from terminal cancer – Bernard Jensen – was fairly obsessed with bowels. He wrote a book called Tissue Cleansing through Bowel Management, which was a seminal book on understanding the relationship between the bowel/the gut and health. He also developed the colema board, a kind of home colonic unit that Ruth Sackman, founder of the Foundation of the Advancement of Cancer Therapies, had all her cancer patients using. Read more…