What Clients are Saying About Floatation at La Casa

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“I’ve been obsessed with the idea of floating for a while now, and when I discovered that La Casa has a floatation room, I knew I had to go. The spa itself has a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere that reminds me of being in a bungalow. It sets the tone for what customers can expect for the rest of their time at La Casa.

For all you float snobs out there: it is indeed a room, not a tank. This was my first time floating, so I can’t speak to which is better. I wish I could remember the name of the gentleman who was working there that day. He was very helpful and explained everything to me thoroughly. They provide shampoo and soap for you to use before entering the tank to make sure no excess dirt and oil gets into the water. You then step into the room, close the opaque black door behind you, sit in the tub and lay back.

I feel like I made a few rookie mistakes. 1) I really should have given myself some time with the lights on to get adjusted to the sensation of being weightless before turning the light off. Complete darkness and weightlessness all at the same time can be disorienting. 2) I should have just been honest with myself and used the little inflatable pillow from the get-go. I thought I could just “force” my neck muscles to relax, but if I had used the inflatable pillow from the beginning I would have gotten better results 3) I should NOT have shaved before floating. Definitely felt the sting in a few places 4) I should have asked the gentleman to keep the music off. The deep bassy tones under the water were almost deafening at points

As far as what I actually experienced, well, I’ll let you all try it for yourself. I’ve read about a lot of different experiences, and I think everyone will have different results. If you are itching to float, I would definitely do it at La Casa!”
-Danika A.


“The floatation tank at La Casa is more old school – no fancy blue lighting, no-space age looking tub. But I recommend it all the same, given the fact that sensory deprivation (as a relaxation technique) really doesn’t seem to depend so much on incorporating the latest in styling or design to achieve the desired effect. The floatation tank is truly a place for understatement, where less is more and still less is even better yet.

Setting aside all such questions of tank design, my initial adventure floating in brine was a wonderful experience. Other than a tumble in bed with a loved one, it’s hard to imagine a more pleasurable way to spend an hour – you will be liberated from the laws of gravity and cut adrift in the void right here in midtown Manhattan, all for the reasonable price of just $80 an hour. It’s an incredible deal — to be able to expand the range of your sense perception so far so fast and for such a reasonable hourly rate.

Gregg, who is the manager/caretaker of the tank at La Casa, explained to me that floatation is particularly well suited for those of us who meditate, because an hour of lying suspended in brine, deprived of sight and sound, opens up access to our interiority in ways that otherwise might take years to accomplish sitting cross-legged on the mat. Put it this way: by the end of my first hour, I had already sloughed off my skin and was just getting ready to ascend a shimmering column of light. Unfortunately before I could begin the ascent, there was a light tap on the door announcing that my hour was up. As you emerge from the tank and gradually re-acclimate yourself to everyday reality, this wonderful sense of deep relaxation persists.”


“Ready, set, go and you don’t want to stop; it’s that good an experience. It’s everything they say it is and more. After my colonic I felt lighter and my back felt better than it had in years. Then I had a massage. I was so blissfully relaxed that she could have performed a lobotomy on me. I’m planning to make both colonic and massage part of my stay-well regimen.
Pros: lots of pleasure,
Cons: makes me forget what I need to do afterwards.”
-Betsy Fowl


“I first went to La Casa in 1995. Today’s visit left me in complete balance and harmony. The float put me in a deep meditative state. Olivia’s massage was unlike any other, using gentle touches to adjust both mind and body. I recommend La Casa’s more traditional massage treatments as well. My only complaint is that shampoo in the eyes tends to sting–be cautious! I see no reason to try any other spa in New York City.
Pros: Atmosphere, Staff, Flotation room,
Cons: Shampoo stings.”


“The whole body vibration and magnetic massage at LaCasa has truly been a “transporting” experience- a transportation out of pain and back to vibrant living. I have not found better or more lasting relief for back pain in the city. The relaxation is intensified by the extremely pleasant staff and surroundings. It is hard to believe you are in the middle of Manhattan- it all seems to slip away when you walk in the door. I can’t wait to go back!”


“Great ambiance, relaxing, a great holistic way to de-stress, heal and relax. There are always new and innovative ways of healing and de-stressing that are found at La Casa. I always am amazed at what they come up with and look forward to try them.”