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Harper’s Bazaar:
“In a cosmic class all its own… with a divinely inspired setting.”

New York Magazine:
“[One of the] best spas in NY …blissed out reverie.”

Time Out:
“A profound sense of peace and creativity.”

“You leave with a newly uncovered layer of velvety skin you haven’t felt since your third birthday. Better than just shaving your legs, girls!”

The New York Times:
“…a Gramercy Park health spa that comes close to magical realism in a 90-minute body polish. After scrubbing your body with a bristle brush and massaging it with a detoxifying clay, your gentle esthetician, rubs you down with a paste of Dead Sea salt and essential oils that tones, exfoliates and gets your blood moving. To warm you up, you’re wrapped in foil, and just as you’re beginning to feel like a barbecued chicken, you’re massaged again and told to hit the showers. On your return, you’re coated with a marine algae lotion that softens and moisturizes and leaves you feeling otherwordly.”

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy:
“New York’s best-kept secret.”

The Villager:
“A taste of luxury… feels as though we spent a few days away in the tropics…the epitome of glowing health and tranquility.”

Our Town:
“Spa-tacular Massages…Promises and delivers the very best in life affirming body and soul treatments… one-stop holistic shopping for anyone who takes their health seriously.”

” …presses fatigue and tightness from your body.”

The Midtown Resident:
“[La Casa] has transport(ed) the exotic natural spirit of the island spa to the big city…an urban oasis… the perfect detox…. I was on a cloud….”

Healing Retreats and Spas:
On Floatation: “…you’ve returned to the womb of mother ocean. It is almost a prenatal experience; you are bathed by soothing touch while immersed in the primeval waters…deeply relaxing and also powerfully revitalizing.”

New Body:
“New York’s haven of nirvana…”

“An experience I shall not soon forget”