Musings from 20th Street – The Connection between Vaccines and Cancer

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My friend, Burton Goldberg (no relation other than the Adam and Eve one that we all share), is widely known as the “voice of alternative medicine.” In a recent Musings, I published material he had written on cancer. Subsequently, he asked me to post the article he wrote on vaccines. I was hesitant at first because I was in a cancer-groove, and wanted to continue my exploration of cancer treatments…

Skin Brushing: The Easiest Way to Detox and Look Younger

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One of the most wonderful things about our bodies is that its largest organ—the skin—is on its outside. We can, and do, automatically and continuously both nourish and detoxify our bodies through the skin. The ability of the skin to accept substances and deliver them to the bloodstream is well-known. The skin serves as a direct link to all the other organs. Contemporary physicians have revived the age-old practice of delivering medicine through the skin.

What You Need to Know About Cancer (and How it Relates to Steve Jobs and Burton Goldberg)

Steve Job’s death disturbed me greatly. Not only because I have both a Mac computer and an iPhone (I became a convert two years ago). But also because I had heard that he had tried alternative treatments for his cancer, and that they had failed. This fact seems to be as much a part of his legacy as his creation of products that changed our lives.