Introducing PEMF: Benefits for Brain and Body – Part 2

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It may be easiest to think of PEMF therapy as a whole-body battery re-charger.

All the tissues of the body are made of cells. Every function that occurs in your body is due to the activity of cells. Each cell has a waterproof membrane surrounding and protecting it. Because of ions within the cell that hold an electrical charge, the cell membranes, too, have an electrical charge. A young and healthy cell has a membrane charge of around 70 millivolts. The body’s over-all electromagnetic field is naturally at a higher intensity than all pathogenic cells, including bacterial, viral, cancer and fungal cells. An aged cell, similarly, has a membrane charge that is lower than a healthy cell.

Introducing PEMF: Benefits for Brain and Body – Part 1

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I first heard about Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) when my precious dog, Lilly, was dying. My daughter had awakened me to tell me that Lilly had just thrown up on the bed that they were sharing. And from then on, Lilly stopped eating and drinking. A few days later, she had grown so weak that she stopped moving. After a week, I was $3000 into vet bills, and four vets later, we had no answers about what was happening other than that she was close to death. I was keeping her alive by bringing her to the vet every day while they continued doing tests on her, and having her subcutaneously rehydrated…