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After the last edition of Musings I wrote about ozone, it came to my attention that my friend, naturopathic physician, Paola Dziwetzki, had left a comment beneath the original article on I am always grateful for readers’ responses and feedback. Truly. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads my labored and (I think) well-researched articles. And I am especially grateful when the feedback either corrects something I’ve said, or teaches me something I didn’t know. Such is the case with what Paola wrote: 
“It’s great to see Jane still being enthusiastic about ozone. Jane and I have been into ozone for years. I have been treating myself with ozone for over 10 years. It was a life transforming event. Unfortunately, there are few things in the article which are not correct, so I hope Jane will forgive me for setting them straight:
1) Being German and living in Germany, I can tell you that ozone therapy in Germany is officially regarded as a bogus treatment. It’s not covered by state mandated health insurance. The claim that it’s standard of care in Germany is unfortunately completely false. I wish it was the go-to medical treatment for doctors, but the fact remains that it’s not. It’s not used in hospitals on a wider scale in any shape or form. There might be some experimental programs happening, but to say that every surgery requires ozone pre and post treatments in Germany – that is simply not in agreement with reality.
2) Dr. Warburg’s Nobel Prize win in 1931 had nothing to do with ozone or oxygen and cancer. It had to do with enzymes which turn glucose into energy and CO2. Dr. Warburg published his oxygen and cancer theories in the 1950s and 1960s – a good 20 years after his Nobel Prize win.
3) Having spent 8 years in the US, I can attest to the fact that ozone therapy is widely used in the States. The way it’s administered in the US is actually often much more effective than how it’s done in Germany.
4) Antioxidants have shown to be highly detrimental to a cancer diagnosis. At least one study which was treating cancer patients with high dose antioxidants had to be aborted because it turned out that the antioxidants made the cancers grow. So it’s not recommended for cancer patients to take antioxidants. Most cancers do not produce anti-oxidative protection (unlike healthy cells) which makes them very susceptible to oxidative therapies (which chemotherapy and radiation are a part of). Antioxidant supplementation will negate the oxidative treatments and allow for the cancers to grow and to spread.”
Paola is such a wealth of knowledge on this subject, I felt compelled to share an article that she had written on the subject, for her website, The Power of Ozone. Her piece is reproduced below in its entirety.
The worst mistake you can make
when doing ozone therapy
People who commit this mistake often end up with crushing depression, they become suicidal, or have panic attacks. They report “feeling like death”, loss of hearing, debilitating tingling and burning sensations all over the body, electric shocks, or crushing back pain. Those symptoms sometimes pass after a few weeks, some last for a year or longer. Some have reported losing the ability to walk.
To make matters more confusing, this mistake often leads to an initial improvement of symptoms, just to make the same symptoms worse later on. It often leads to the emergence of new symptoms.
Given that it’s a natural compound, produced by our own cells, people have a hard time accepting how dangerous it can be. Doctors and other natural practitioners seem to be completely oblivious to the often horrific adverse reactions. When patients complain about feeling worse, it’s often explained away as a Herxheimer reaction, or as a reaction due to a genetic mutation of the patient. Wrong.
The reason why you feel bad after the administration of this natural chemical has nothing to do with ozone therapy or with your genetic makeup. The reason why you have crushing headaches or “feel like dying” after the IV you received, is because your well meaning doctor has no clue about mercury toxicity.
What I’m talking about is glutathione (GSH). It’s a potent antioxidant which is often prescribed as an IV during ozone treatments.
Agreeing to glutathione IVs is one of the worst mistakes you can make when doing ozone, or any other therapy. Medical and naturopathic doctors alike seem to have an infatuation with glutathione nowadays. It seems to be a raging fashion in the health care business. It’s given for anything from supportive cancer treatments, to general detox, liver problems, or with ozone therapy.
What most practitioners don’t know is that glutathione contains single thiols (carbon bonded sulfhydryl groups), and is therefore able to go into a weak bond with mercury.
Why is this important?
Because mercury toxicity is probably the most widespread medical condition of our times. At the same time, it’s the most misdiagnosed one.
Whatever problem you went to see your doctor for, the underlying cause may be in fact mercury toxicity. But your doctor would never know. 
Mercury is in vaccines. (Yes, it’s still being LEGALLY used in vaccines in the US and most other countries.)
It’s in our tooth fillings.
It’s in our mothers’ tooth fillings who passed it on to us through the placenta before we were born.
It’s in our homes in CFL light bulbs.
It’s in old thermometers.
It’s in the fish we eat.
It’s released from foundries, coal fired plants, and crematoriums.
…and many more places.
Our health-care systems and numerous industries rack up multi-billion dollar profits from the illnesses mercury creates.
Mercury can be the root cause of a significantly large number of health conditions listed in the medical literature including many psychiatric problems.
The brain fog, joint pain, and crushing fatigue your doctor misdiagnosed as Lyme disease? This could be the mercury you received from your flu, hepatitis, or tetanus shot.
The back pain you’ve been suffering from for years? This could be mercury from amalgam fillings you had removed 20 years ago.
The gluten intolerance, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), colitis, bleeding from your bowel? This could be from the mercury thermometer you crushed and played with as a child. You’re unable to conceive? This could be the mercury received from your mother. The Parksinson’s your father suffers from? Have you checked if he ever had amalgams?
Cancer, auto-immune conditions, autism, depression, anxiety, kidney disease, eczema, neurodermatitis, allergies, Multiple Sclerosis, ankylosing spondylitis, Alzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, endocrine problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder, arthritis, lupus, multiple chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastritis, Crohn’s disease, sleep disorders, anorexia, bulimia, candidiasis – those and more are often caused by mercury. The list is endless…
What happens when you receive glutathione intravenously?
Most mercury in our bodies is firmly bound inside our brain, liver, adrenals, digestive tract. It can be everywhere, hidden in nearly every cell of every organ, muscle, tendon. That’s why urine (including challenge tests), blood and hair tests are mostly useless for the diagnosis of mercury toxicity.
When you receive glutathione intravenously, it mobilizes mercury from deep inside these various tissues. The mercury which was firmly bound inside your liver for example, is now out in the open, floating around, mobilized by glutathione.
But the glutathione does not bond to the mercury strongly enough since it has only one thiol group. Plus, your body metabolizes glutathione, so soon your GSH blood levels start to go down. The mercury will then become detached and swim around, looking to settle down again. Where will it land? Preferably, in an area where there is a lot of sulfur. That’s where mercury gets attracted to. Places like your brain, adrenals, or nerves.
So, after a course of glutathione IVs you can end up with more severe neurological symptoms like depression, inability to concentrate, inability to focus your eyes, increased brain fog, increased headaches, or body pain. Or you could lose your ability to walk or become suicidal. 
Those are typical, often reported reactions to glutathione IVs in people who have mercury.
It’s not due to your genetic makeup.
It’s not due to a healing crisis.
It has nothing to do with ozone.
It’s because your well-meaning doctor forgot to do his homework.
Glutathione does not chelate mercury. It makes mercury toxicity worse.
Similar reactions take place in mercury toxic people who ingest chlorella, cilantro, MSM, DMSO, EDTA, or high thiol foods.
How to get rid of mercury the proper way?
In order to properly remove mercury from your system, you need true chelators. A true chelator is a chemical which satisfies the following criteria:
1) It has two thiol groups, also called a di-thiol.
2) It has a known half-life. (A half-life of a chelator is the time it takes half of the original dosage to still be detectable in the blood. Example: if you take 10mg of a chelator with a half-life of 3 hours at 12pm, then at 3pm you will have only 5mg of the chelator in your blood.)
There are currently only 3 drugs which satisfy these criteria: ALA, DMSA, and DMPS.
ALA, Alpha Lipoic Acid. It has a half life of 3 hours.
DMSA, Dimercaptosuccinic acid. It has a half life of 3–4 hours.
Cilantro is also a di-thiol, but its half life is unknown. Hence it cannot be used safely.
In order to chelate safely and effectively one needs to take true di-thiol chelators according to their half-lives. Glutathione is a single thiol agent, hence it cannot remove mercury, only mobilize it.
Please, learn how to chelate properly by reading Andrew Cutler’s book “Amalgam Illness”, or by joining the Facebook groups “Ozone, Chelation and Paleo Diet” or “Andy Cutler Chelation Think Tank”, or read HERE.
Oral glutathione
There are fewer reports of adverse reactions to oral glutathione than to IV glutathione. Why is that? Because oral glutathione is immediately broken down in the digestive tract. It’s like eating very sulfury food. People with low plasma cysteine levels (those who do better on high thiol foods) might do OK with oral glutathione. People with high plasma cysteine levels (those who do better on low thiol foods) will also do poorly on oral glutathione.
Both groups of people show high rates of adverse reactions to intravenous glutathione. Those should never be performed. But people who do better on high thiol foods usually have no or minor problems with oral glutathione.
There is a better way to raise glutathione blood levels than taking oral GSH: by taking precursors like NAC, glutamine and glycine in a 4 : 2 : 1 ratio.
People with a thiol sensitivity should not try to raise their glutathione levels.
How to know whether you’re thiol sensitive or not? Test it by excluding high thiol foods for 7 to 10 days, then introduce one high thiol food and observe your reaction. What happens when you are thiol sensitive is described on this page.
When mercury is not present, does it make sense to combine ozone with glutathione?
Some people might not have mercury toxicity to any clinically significant degree. Being completely free of mercury is impossible, since it’s part of our atmosphere and soil. But some people might have mercury levels tiny enough to not cause any pathologies. Would it then be safe to combine ozone with glutathione IVs? No, it still would not be safe nor would it make any sense.
1) We breathe tiny amounts of mercury every day, on average 2 mcg per day. This might vary depending on how close we live to a coal fired plant, a gold mine, or an active volcano. We also consume mercury in food. So even the healthiest person will have some amount of mercury in their body. Administering such a person glutathione IVs could lead to significantly larger concentrations of mercury in the brain, causing conditions which were not present before.
2) Some studies have shown that increasing the levels of antioxidants is detrimental to one’s health. Oxidative radicals like O-, OH, H2O, and nitrogen oxides are some of the most ubiquitous molecules in our bodies. They are crucial for every single function, from digestion, to proper brain or muscle function. Taking high powered antioxidants has been linked to increased cancer metastases and to decreased athletic performance. Oxygen is life, why destroy it by taking anti-oxygen (anti-life) supplementation? This makes no sense and never has.
3) Ozone is an oxidant, glutathione is an antioxidant. Ozone pioneer Dr. Shallenberger makes a case that glutathione does not cancel out ozone to any significant degree. Yet, at the same time he says that he liked to give glutathione right before or right after a DIV (Direct ozone IV) because he would observe less vein irritation. Ozone can irritate veins when given in too high concentrations. He observed that glutathione negates ozone’s vein corroding actions. Which is in fact a perfect example of how glutathione directly counteracts ozone. So what some people experience as glutathione minimizing Herxheimer reactions might be instead glutathione halting ozone’s necessary and therapeutic actions.
4) Ozone therapy is the best way to raise glutathione levels. The human body will naturally adjust glutathione production during ozone therapy.
Many people receive ozone IVs together with glutathione IVs. Often without full disclosure of the associated risks which are substantial. They then encounter troubling and debilitating symptoms which they attribute to a Herxheimer reaction from ozone. What is happening instead is they are experiencing a glutathione IV triggered mobilization of one of the most toxic substances on our planet, mercury.
[All mentioned adverse reactions have been taken from real life accounts posted on the “Ozone to Health” and “Andy Cutler Chelation Think Tank” groups on Facebook.]
Recommended reading:
Amalgam Illness”, Andrew Hall Cutler, Ph.D.
The Mercury Diaries”, Daniel Forsyth
Legal Disclaimer
Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA nor any other medical authority approved these products to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every person is unique, we highly recommend you to consult with your licensed health care practitioner about the use of ozone products in your particular situation. Neither The Power of Ozone nor the manufacturers of these items are responsible for the misuse of this equipment. It is highly advised to receive professional council from a licensed doctor before using Ozone Therapy on yourself.

Respectfully submitted, researched and written by
owner of

*Licensed Psychologist
Certified Psychoanalyst
*Author and Blogger

*Stone Carrier Medicine Woman, Native American Traditional Organization

The rejuvenative effect of floatation on the brain is shown to be equivalent to five hours of sleep.
The detoxifying effect on the body is equivalent to a three-day fast.
More specifically, the benefits are:
• drop in blood pressure
• slowing of pulse rate
• allows the blood to circulate more freely throughout the body
• increase in alpha and theta waves in the brain
• synchronous and symmetrical rhythms are achieved throughout the body
• decrease in levels of the hormones associated with stress, the “fight or flight” hormones of epinephrine, norepinephrine, ACTH and cortisol
• pH levels and electrolytes are balanced; reduction of acidity
• heavy metals detoxification
• improvement of skin elasticity
• re-mineralization of skin

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Paola answers the question 

Does Ozone Remove Mercury?

in one of her fascinating YouTube videos.

You can watch it by clicking HERE

Even though it’s summer, you still may not be getting enough vitamin D3.
Read on… 
  • Pollution blocks ultraviolet light, and creates a vitamin D3 deficiency.
  • The face and hands need at least 45 minutes in the sun every day.
  • If you’re over 50, your skin is less able to make D3.
  • Sunscreen-blocks ultraviolet.
  • On cool days, more time in the sun is needed.
  • Poor kidney and/or liver function decreases D3 in the body.
  • Intestinal disturbance decreases absorption. If you were not breast-fed, or if you have been on a traditional western diet for any prolonged length of time, it is likely you have leaky gut. Leaky gut decreases D3 absorption. Colostrum helps to correct this gut disturbance.
  • 2/3 of Americans are overweight. The higher your weight, the less able your body is to make D3, even if you are in the sun.
  • Toxins increase the need for D3.
Symptoms of D3 Deficiency:
  • Weak immunity
  • Aches and pains, especially of bones
  • Sweaty head
  • Low energy
  • Loss of vision
  • Mood fluctuations: depression, anxiety, irritability
  • Low energy
  • Memory problems
  • Most heart problems
  • Cancer
  • Premature Death
  • Children need a minimum of 1000 units per day.
  • Adults need a minimum of 2000 units per day, though 5000 is ideal for under 140 lbs, and 10,000 for over 140 lbs.

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Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products or therapies have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA nor any other medical authority approved these products or therapies to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every person is unique, we highly recommend that you consult with your licensed health care practitioner about the use of products or therapies discussed here as it relates to your particular situation.
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