La Casa Spa Infrared Sauna Vibration New York City, NY

Air is the element of life itself and is the most formless and thus the most liberating of the elements. Air purifies all that comes into contact with it. To impart to you the energy of the air element, we offer you our cleansing therapies: our two oxidative therapies — super-enriched oxygen bath and oxidative exercise; and we invite you to partake of our salt sauna.

Our super-enriched oxygen bath provides the body with activated oxygen — O3 — a much more powerful form of oxygen than O2. The specific job of O3 is to cleanse all it comes into contact with.

Oxidative exercise suffuses the body with much needed oxygen, as you breathe in while moving ever so gently on the whole body vibration platform.

In our salt sauna, you take a walk on the wild side, replicating a brisk ocean stroll, bringing warming comfort to the inner recesses of your respiratory system. Just like crashing waves, salt releases “vitamins of the air”: negative ions. Your body absorbs the magnesium, potassium, iron, and iodine given off by the salt crystals.

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