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Water is the element of reflection and is the most adaptable of the elements. Because water can take any shape, it encourages us to become and to change, to grow old anew and to grow young again. To impart to you the energy of the water element, we offer you the gift of our anti-aging therapies: facials; floatation; whole-body vibration; and Cellusage™.

In our facials, we supply the face with cleansing, toning, exfoliation, masque and moisturizing finish, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple and your face looking deliciously youthful.

In floatation, we give you an experience that simulates and returns you to your original experience of this life-time – the wet embracing warmth of the womb, as you lie buoyant atop water that gives support to every square nano-inch of your body.

In Cellusage™, we thump, and then provide healing light, and finally massage with great vigor, releasing fatty tissues that don’t belong under your skin.

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