7 Day Total Cleanse

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The third episode of my new Reality TV Group Therapy show aired last night. Again, as I did for the first airing, I had people over to watch it with, and we had a lively, smart discussion afterward – about the nature of group process, and the psychology of the particular participants. Air time is always Tuesday, 7:30 pm, channel 57. But thankfully, because of our miraculous “time is eternal” world, replay is too. Watch all episodes on youtube, posted after each episode’s TV airing. First two shows are now available in the convenience of your own home.



Last year, I became acquainted with Mary McGuire-Wien, who has become well-known for transforming people’s physical and mental wellness through principles that La Casa also espouses. You may have heard her name, as she has been written about in the New York Times, as well as other places.

Anyway, I knew she was launching her widely anticipated new book, The 7 Day Total Cleanse, and I was able to get my private list in on one of those “too good to be true” offers, that happens to be really true in this case. Here is the offer:

Buy her book for only $16, experience the health transformation of her famous “7 Day Total Cleanse” — and get over $500 worth of free stuff from her huge network of friends and supporters in the health and wellness field!

Why are people (including La Casa Day Spa) willing to give away or discount their products and services to help promote Mary’s book? First of all, we’re friends of Mary’s, and sincerely wish for her book to be a blockbuster (she’s a wonderful person, among other things). Most of us have benefited personally from her programs, and are ardent believers. Those of us who have not personally done her cleanse know people who have, and are impressed with the results.

Secondly, we friends of Mary’s, and contributors to her book launch, hope that you will get interested in our own products and services. We consider that we are giving you a mini-introduction to us. Perhaps you will like our products and services sufficiently to order something else from us (and pay us) in the future. But whether you do or not, the goodies are yours to keep for free – even if you return Mary’s book and want your $16 back.

La Casa’s discounted offer is called the Body/Feet Treat

and if you buy Mary’s book, you will save $80 on the package.

The package consists of:

Salt Sauna

Whole body massage (including intensive foot massage)

Pedi-detox therapy.

Why do we pay such close attention to the feet? Because a large quantity of toxins are stored in the feet. With over 4000 pores in the feet, they are an ideal place from which to both release toxins and to absorb nutrients. In La Casa’s Pedi-Detox therapy, the whole body, through the feet, is both detoxified and nourished.

Click below to read about Mary’s book, as well as the other freebies that are associated with purchase of the book. This is a limited-time offer, so don’t let it pass you by!

Click here now! http://www.thetotalcleanse.com


And, stay tuned for La Casa’s next offer – Feet/Eat/Treat – our association with Mari Vanna – the restaurant at the bottom of our building – enjoy the Feet Treat first at La Casa, and then resume your pleasure by extending your Treat to an Eat Treat – 30% off your bill at Mari Vanna. Lovely salads for La Casa’s health conscious clientele: Beet salad with prunes, walnuts, a touch of garlic and Vegginaise; or the Sunflower Salad, all fresh veggies with lots of sunflower seeds; and more.

Be well.