La Casa Spa and Wellness Center Videos

Sunlight Master at La Casa Day Spa, 41 E 20th NYC – YouTube

Paula Gloria Questions Mark Squibb at La Casa Day Spa – YouTube

Dr. Jane Goldberg Takes on Howard Stern’s Bowel Habits – YouTube

Energized Float Tank at La Casa Day Spa – YouTube

Pedi-Detox at La Casa Day Spa – YouTube

Colonics 101 at La Casa Day Spa – YouTube

Pulsed Magnetic Machine and Colonics at La Casa Day Spa – YouTube

Intensive Colonics at La Casa Day Spa in Manhattan – YouTube

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy: treatment and interview – YouTube


Dr. Jane Goldberg Videos

Health Tips to Boost Life Span and Health: a Talk by Dr. Jane Goldberg – YouTube

Why We Need More Stress, Not Less: a Talk by Dr. Jane Goldberg – YouTube

Frequency Healing and Anti-Aging into the 21st Century: a Talk by Dr. Jane Goldberg, April 2014 – YouTube

Because People Are Dying – the accompanying DVD for Dr. Jane Goldberg’s latest book, all about the healing power of radiation hormesis – Part 1: YouTube and Part 2: YouTube

Who is Hungry? with Jane G Goldberg, PhD – YouTube

Paula Gloria Interviews Jane Goldberg, PhD – YouTube

Molly Cheshire interviews Jane Goldberg PhD and Josh Volinski, Cancer Survivor – YouTube

Paula Gloria & Jane Goldberg Go Farther Down the Rabbit Hole in Pritchett Colorado – YouTube


Helpful Informational Videos

Eat Your Veggies and Why – YouTube

What Water to Drink – YouTube

Robert Rowen M.D. – The Benefits of Ozone Therapy – YouTube

Information About Colonics – YouTube

Colonic (Warning: Graphic) – YouTube

Clip on Floatation – YouTube

Paula Gloria at Brothel Turned Healing Clinic in Colorado – YouTube

Radiation Hormesis 4 MNN on Paula Gloria’s Show – YouTube

Cancer Cure in the Upper West Side – Low Level Radiation – YouTube

Radiation Hormesis and a Helicopter Pilot – YouTube

Radiation Hormesis Cure For Cancer – YouTube

Low-Dose Radiation Hormesis Heals, A Testimonial – YouTube

The truth about very low levels of radiation healing illness – YouTube

Cancer Cure Checked Out By RabbitHoleCentral & New Realities – YouTube

Identify Your Stones – YouTube