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You’re never too old to look young.

Science has documented that aging can be slowed down. Studies over the past ten years in many different species of animals have shown that the rate of aging can reduce the rate of aging by up to 400%. We know that many aging effects can be avoided through good nutrition and detoxification.

What ultimately will cause us to age is that the repair mechanisms of the body cease to function adequately. Thus, we want to try to preserve our repair mechanisms. We can control damage better earlier in life, than when we’re older.

Increasing our repair mechanism is done intracellularly. Aging studies have shown that you can greatly increase the expression of the processes that allow you to repair damage, but it has to come from inside the cell. All healing and all anti-aging is ultimately intracellular.

Einstein, Newton and Anti-Aging

Everyone knows the story of the man who goes up in a spacecraft and comes back to earth years later. His wife, who was in her prime when he left, is now old and decrepit; his children who were mere toddlers are now grown and have children of their own. The space traveler, however, has only aged a few years. So goes aging in space. It goes so very, very slowly. So goes the theory of time and space by Einstein.

There are reasons why. And thanks to Newton, we know the main reason. It’s gravity. Gravity is one of the greatest forces that we earth inhabitants contend with. It keeps everything in place, holding everything down so that contact with earth is always maintained. It is only since the first Sputnik, in 1962, that man has been able to even dream about transcending the force of gravity. But, space travel has had other advantages. It paved the way for us to begin to understand something about the process of aging that had previously eluded us.

Because we live day-in and day-out with the force of gravity, we don’t often think about how much energy we exert fighting it. Yet, when we feel tired, we are sensitive to the effects of gravity and feel compelled to lie down to ameliorate some of gravity’s inexorable pull. When we go to the zoo and look at the animals on all fours, we develop a great appreciation for our up-rightness. However, we don’t often think about how much stress our being erect puts on our bodies. When we walk or run, we’re putting all of the gravitational pressure of our entire body on one small spot, creating thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch. Merely standing creates tremendous gravitational force against the feet and the spine.

Wherever there are weaknesses in our bodily structure — in the knee and hip joints, the lower back, the neck and abdomen — there will be more frequent injuries. In fact, the single largest health problem in the United States is back pain, an effect from our perpetual struggle against gravity. As well, gravity affects us on a cellular level. Many biologists now feel that gravity plays a significant role in the cell’s loss of ability to replicate itself, thus contributing directly to aging and death. Bernard Jensen has said that there is not a single disease in which gravity does not play a part.

Clearly, if we could diminish the force of gravity on our bodies, we could, as well, diminish the sagging muscles in our faces that give us, after the age of 50 or 60, jowls and necks that look like a chicken. If we could diminish the force of gravity, we can diminish the crowding of our internal organs that occurs because our insides, as well as our outsides, start to sag, thus making them less efficient. In short, if we could reverse the force of gravity on our bodies, we would look and feel younger.

Well, we can’t. Gravity is a fact of life that is inescapable, and short of space travel, there is no way that we can escape its effects. What we can do, however, is find ways to allow gravity to work for us instead of against us.

What’s wonderful about the last 20 years is that the health movement has made working with gravity (and thus aging reversal) so accessible. There are several methods, each thoroughly enjoyable, and you will see and feel the effects almost immediately. They are:

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