Thanksgiving Recipes

  Musings from 20th Street Thanksgiving Recipes Whether you’re hosting a family dinner, or just taking a dish to a pot luck, Thanksgiving tends to get us all thinking about food, glorious food. If you’re wanting to make something great-tasting … Continued

Flower Power!

    Musings from 20th Street SUMMER IS HERE! Here’s Jane, on the occasion of her 72nd birthday last month, working on her rooftop yoga repertoire. How do YOU like to keep fit in the summertime? This Musings was written … Continued

Are you Hydrogen-Ready?

  Musings from 20th Street Hydrogen Summit Live Streaming at  La Casa Spa & Wellness Molecular Hydrogen Medical Breakthrough!      SPEAKERS: Sarah Adams Hal Blatman, MD Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D. WHEN: Thurs, Oct 26th WHERE: La Casa Spa & Wellness … Continued