Skin Brushing: The Easiest Way to Detox and Look Younger

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One of the most wonderful things about our bodies is that its largest organ—the skin—is on its outside. We can, and do, automatically and continuously both nourish and detoxify our bodies through the skin. The ability of the skin to accept substances and deliver them to the bloodstream is well-known. The skin serves as a direct link to all the other organs. Contemporary physicians have revived the age-old practice of delivering medicine through the skin.

What You Need to Know About Cancer (and How it Relates to Steve Jobs and Burton Goldberg)

Steve Job’s death disturbed me greatly. Not only because I have both a Mac computer and an iPhone (I became a convert two years ago). But also because I had heard that he had tried alternative treatments for his cancer, and that they had failed. This fact seems to be as much a part of his legacy as his creation of products that changed our lives.

Two Deficiencies You Almost Certainly Have

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If you crave chocolate (as I do), you may just like the taste (yummm – that deadly sugar we all like). Or, you may be pleasire-seeking, looking for the euphoric feeling that the mood-booasting chemical phenylenthyamine gives (which is, parentetically, the same biochemical that is produced when we are succumbing to the throes of love)…

Out in the Cold?

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We got a lot of feedback from the last two Musings: (“In Defense of Sweating” and “In Defense of Shivering”). I have included in this Musings some of the emails I received [see side panel] showing how various readers have implemented the practice of using heat and cold for healing purposes.

Love Your Dogs And Cats

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I almost lost my beloved Lilly (a 6 lb. poodle) several years back. After throwing up one day, she stopped eating and drinking. I was four vets later, $3000 into vet bills before I found out what I needed to do to save her life. Part of it was my discovery of the healing effect of low-level radiation, and irradiating her water (which was the only water she was willing to drink; this discovery and its importance for human healing is detailed in my book: Because People Are Dying). But just as significantly was my conversion of her to a completely raw food diet…

Benefits Of Love and Microbes (and how they’re related)

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I have talked about the importance of microbes in a past Musings. The importance of microbes in every day life cannot be over-stated. Microbes live in every part of our bodies, in every crevice, and on every surface. There are more bacterial cells on our bodily surfaces-collectively amounting to 100 trillion cells-than there are human cells in the entire body.

Chris Christie’s Decision (Not the One About Running for President)

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My last Musings discussed Angelina Jolie’s (in my mind, ill-advised) decision to have a prophylactic double mastectomy. In this Musings, I stay with the celebrity theme, and question New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s February decision to have Lap-Band surgery to bring his weight down.
It has traditionally been thought that bariatric surgery works because of the diminished size of the stomach. The operation is performed on people who have lost the ability to control their own eating habits. The surgery makes decisions for them, imposing upon them eating habits that are radically different than those they were employing before the surgery: Smaller meals, more frequent meals, less junk and fried foods. (Sweets, for instance, in any volume, make many post-surgery patients sick.) Read more…


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Tissue and Organ Cleansing A dramatic illustration of the importance of detoxification is the story of Selena. Selena reported that in just one month, she had lost 20 pounds. She lamented that every time she put any food in her … Continued

Beautiful Better Best Breasts

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The world is abuzz about Angelina’s recent decision to have both breasts removed — a double mastectomy. Angelina does not have cancer. She has the genetic marker(BRCA1 or BRCA2) for a specific form of breast cancer, thus, presumably, increasing her genetic predisposition for getting breast cancer at some point in her life. Angelina stated that she hopes “that other women will benefit” from her experience. Read more…


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Proper pH of Water Currently the best water to drink is a pure clean water that is free of organic matter with a pH of 7 or above. There are currently over a 1000 choices of commercially bottled water to … Continued