PopSugar.com: This Woman Got a Colonic For a Flatter Tummy and Radiant Skin

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Immediately after the colonic, I felt clean and extremely empty in the best way possible. My step was lighter, like I was walking on clouds. While I didn’t officially weigh myself before or after the treatment, I certainly felt like I had lost a few pounds. Score! I didn’t experience any of the gas or leaking that Cher had warned about, and thankfully the only effects I felt were positive ones…

Here’s What Clients are Saying About Magnetic Pulse Therapy at La Casa

The benefits of PEMF have been demonstrated through more than 2,000 university-level, double-blind, medical studies conducted in many countries. PEMF has been shown to destroy cancer cells, to re-differentiate unhealthy and inflamed cells, to activate DNA repair, and to cause apoptosis (cellular suicide) in cancer and inflamed cells.
PEMF devices now have US FDA approval as a medical instrument in the healing of a variety of conditions (though, clearly, not nearly as many afflictions as showed improvement in the European study, and where it is an essential tool in most clinics and holistic cancer facilities) including:
• Non-union bone fractures
• Muscle stimulation
• Urinary incontinence
• Depression and anxiety
• Brain cancer
Here’s what clients are saying about magnetic pulse therapy at La Casa.

What Clients are Saying About Energy Healing at La Casa

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Everything living vibrates at certain frequencies – and this is true not only for electrons, atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs, but also for parasites, bacteria, and viruses. And, it is true for we humans, and for all parts of our bodies. We humans, like the universe in which we reside, are beings of energy. We are actually a series of interacting, multidimensional energy systems that are manifested on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Each part of the body – even the smallest constituent – is a part of this bioenergetic communication network and continuously generates a stream of vibratory information. We are so much more than mere flesh and bones, cells and proteins; we are shining, electrical, magnetic (and perhaps other forms of energy not yet discovered) beings. And we exist in dynamic interaction and equilibrium with a universe of energy that is, similarly, shining, electrical and magnetic.And if we are beings of energy, it follows that we can be affected by energy. Researchers know that not only can we convert matter into energy, we can also convert energy into matter. This is the premise of vibrational healing. Energy can be imparted to us from an external source.
Here are what clients are saying about energy healing at La Casa.

What Clients are Saying About La Casa’s Detoxification Treatments

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Detoxification is La Casa’s first principle of health. We consider it to be primary, above even our need for nourishing food. All the nutrients in the world won’t do one whit of good in a toxic body. At La Casa, we avail ourselves of health principles from all over the world, from ancient traditions, some 5000 years old, alongside state-of-the-art modern-day devices.
Here are some of our clients’ responses to detoxification experiences at La Casa.

What Clients are Saying About the Lumina Nocturna

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La Casa’s newest, extraordinary therapy is a biophotonic instrument, the Lumina Nocturna. It is both an ATP Inductor and neuro-endocrine balancer, hand-crafted by Sky David, who has spent over 20 years developing this unique device. The Lumina Nocturna enhances the ability of mitochondria to produce ATP, inducing the highest level of endocrine gland function, as well as promoting tissue regeneration at and below the cellular level. The biophotonic properties of the device mimic the pineal gland (at the back of the hypothalamus), heightening the production of the senior neurotransmitter, N.N. Dimethyltrptamine for naturally induced deep regenerative sleep. This, in turn, recharges the adrenal glands.

Here are the experiences of some very happy Lumina Nocturna users…

AMNY.com: Where to Find Salt Therapies in NYC

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Too much salt can be a bad thing for your health. But new spa services in the city are encouraging people to embrace it.

Halotherapy — or therapy that uses salt — plays on the healing benefits of the mineral, from relieving allergy symptoms and asthma to improving skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

New York Magazine: Beauty & Spas Profile

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“It’s all about healing at this low-key spa, where everything from the facials to the foot treatments aim to detoxify and re-balance the body. Founded in 1993 by psychoanalyst Dr. Jane Goldberg, the center offers an ever-growing list of alternative treatments that have each been extensively researched and vetted by the doctor herself.”

Slate.com: “I Floated Naked In A Sensory Deprivation Tank. You’ve Got To Try It.”

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“There are only a few places to float in New York City. I first tried La Casa, a day spa near Union Square, which features a tank in large part because co-owner Jane Goldberg loves to float.* On a weekday morning, I climbed the stairs to La Casa, took off all my clothes, and, after showering, stepped into a large tub inside an enclosed chamber. I slid the blackout door closed behind me, eased down into the water, and touched a button that switched off the lights. I was floating in total darkness and silence.”

New York Times: “Stones on Her Skin: Is This the 92nd Street Y?”

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“…Puffy Eyes Be Gone (water) may have been my favorite. When the eyes are puffy, Dr. Goldberg says, it can mean there is a block in the circulation of lymphatic fluid. Deborah applied a motorized wand to the area around my eyes in small, stroking motions. Then she applied a collagen mask and set ice-cold stones on my eyelids. Unlike the jolt of the day before, these felt fantastic. As I relaxed, she gave me a hand massage, and I was sorry when it was over. My eyes stayed unpuffy for two days afterward…”

More Great Press!

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Harper’s Bazaar:
“In a cosmic class all its own… with a divinely inspired setting.”

New York Magazine:
“[One of the] best spas in NY …blissed out reverie.”

Time Out:
“A profound sense of peace and creativity.”

“You leave with a newly uncovered layer of velvety skin you haven’t felt since your third birthday. Better than just shaving your legs, girls!”

The New York Times:
“…a Gramercy Park health spa that comes close to magical realism in a 90-minute body polish. After scrubbing your body with a bristle brush and massaging it with a detoxifying clay, your gentle esthetician, rubs you down with a paste of Dead Sea salt and essential oils that tones, exfoliates and gets your blood moving. To warm you up, you’re wrapped in foil, and just as you’re beginning to feel like a barbecued chicken, you’re massaged again and told to hit the showers. On your return, you’re coated with a marine algae lotion that softens and moisturizes and leaves you feeling otherwordly.”

Queer Eye For The Straight Guy:
“New York’s best-kept secret.”

The Villager:
“A taste of luxury… feels as though we spent a few days away in the tropics…the epitome of glowing health and tranquility.”

Our Town:
“Spa-tacular Massages…Promises and delivers the very best in life affirming body and soul treatments… one-stop holistic shopping for anyone who takes their health seriously.”

” …presses fatigue and tightness from your body.”

The Midtown Resident:
“[La Casa] has transport(ed) the exotic natural spirit of the island spa to the big city…an urban oasis… the perfect detox…. I was on a cloud….”

Healing Retreats and Spas:
On Floatation: “…you’ve returned to the womb of mother ocean. It is almost a prenatal experience; you are bathed by soothing touch while immersed in the primeval waters…deeply relaxing and also powerfully revitalizing.”

New Body:
“New York’s haven of nirvana…”

“An experience I shall not soon forget”