Cleaning the Colon

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Cleaning the colon:

1) Eat flaxseed cereal: grind up 2 tablespoonfuls of flaxseed. Add yogurt, sunflower seeds and honey.

2) Eat prunes stewed in hot water

3) Do an enema, colema or colonic. Remember each has a specific effect. Choose the one that best suits your needs at that time.

4) Drink an aloe smoothie: blend one inch portion of fresh aloe leaf (with green skin on) with juice of a whole lemon, honey to taste (you’ll need lots to combat the bitter taste of the aloe skin, but the skin is the part of the leaf that has the purgative effect).

5) Herbal laxatives may be taken. Whole leaf aloe capsules are a good choice. There are many special formulations on the market. Laxatives with either senna or cascara sagrada will generally cause peristaltic cramping as they are both herbs that irritate the intestines. These  herbs should be reserved for occasional use.