Every living entity has parasites living inside or on it; humans, often have profound infestations. Scientists are only just beginning to discover exactly how powerful these hidden inhabitants can be, but their research is pointing to a remarkable possibility: Parasites may rule the world. The notion that these tiny creatures that remain invisible to us are such a dominant force has been eye-opening. But here is the truth: we humans are collections of cells that work together and are kept harmonized by chemical signals. If an organism can control those signals — an organism like a parasite — then it can control us. And therein lies the peculiar and precise horror of parasites.

With environmental toxins on the increase, with the typical unhealthy diet that many of us have, parasites have come to pose a grave danger to humans. As reported by National Geographic in its award-winning documentary, The Body Snatchers: “Parasites have killed more humans than all the wars in history.” According to United Nations data: “Overall, about 1.5 billion people have roundworms, making it the third most common human infection in the world. Whipworm infects 1 billion people… More than 1.3 billion people carry hookworm in their gut, and 265 million people are infected with schistosomes.”

While it is true that most of these infections occur in developing countries, the rate of parasitic-related disorders in North America is skyrocketing. An astounding number of people test positive for parasites. As reported by the Parasitology Department of the University of Cambridge, England: “Pinworm. An extremely common nematode infection, particularly in temperate areas such as Western Europe and North America… It has been estimated that the annual incidence of infection is over 200 million, this probably being a conservative figure. Samples of Caucasian children in the USA and Canada have shown incidences of infection of 30% to 80%, with similar levels in Europe.”

Humans can actually play host to more than a hundred different types of parasites, ranging from microscopic ones to tapeworms that are several feet long. Contrary to popular belief, parasites are not restricted to our colon alone, but can be found in any other part of the body — in the lungs, the liver, in the muscles and joints, in the esophagus, the brain, the blood, the skin and even in the eyes!

Colon therapy has an anthelmintic action: this means parasites are removed. Autopsies performed reveal that over 90 percent of the people examined have some form of parasites. The most common of all is tapeworm. Many vegetarians have various parasites. Their eggs may be eaten with vegetables or fruit. Threadworms and hookworms may pass through the unbroken skin – sometimes contracted by walking barefoot in the grass.

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