(How Can We Know That? Because We All Need Internal Cleansing.)

We could actually compare the function of the colon in our bodies to a sewer system in a large city. Just imagine what would happen if the sewers in your neighborhood became clogged. Within a short time, the whole area would be filled with filth and an unbearable stench. This is the same process that occurs in our bodies when our elimination system is not functioning properly. When the colon is congested with stagnant waste, poisons back up into the system and pollute the inner environment. This process is called autointoxication (or self-poisoning).

Every cell of our body is affected by autointoxication. When the toxins accumulate in the nervous system, we feel irritable and depressed. We feel weak if they back up into the heart, bloated if they reach the stomach, and our breath is foul if they reach the lungs. If the poisons try to escape through our skin, rashes and blotches develop, or we look pale and our skin appears wrinkly. If the toxins make it to the glands, we feel fatigued, lethargic; our sex drive may cease and we appear to look much older than our actual age. If the autointoxication becomes too severe, we develop degenerative and life-threatening diseases.

Colon hydrotherapy effectively removes stagnant fecal material from colon walls, preventing the build up of these bacterial toxins in the ports and lymphatic system, resulting in reduced load on the liver. In addition, the treatment removes mucous, gas, parasites, and cellular debris, facilitating peristaltic action and better absorption of nutrients.

Colon cleansing therapy also increases the water level and diuretic action. The water from the hydrotherapy is absorbed, thus increasing the volume of the blood. Circulation is thereby increased, resulting in greater bathing of the individual cells; this dilutes toxins and flushed them out, relieves uremia and toxemia, increases the elimination of both kidneys as well as having a cleansing effect on the skin and the bowels. The process of colon cleansing assists the cardiovascular and circulatory systems to be more efficient.

Colon purification is a serious health condition. Bacteria are involved in the production of several vitamins which are absorbed by the large intestine and stored in the liver (vitamins K and some of the B vitamins). In addition to vitamins, the colon absorbs large amounts of water. Unfortunately toxins of bacterial metabolism also enter the circulatory system. These toxins are treated by the liver and excreted by the kidneys. Colon bacteria ferment starches releasing hydrogen and methane gasses which are absorbed and excreted through the lungs. Intestinal toxemia may further result in conditions such as headaches, allergies, malnutrition as well as an overall lowering of the immunological defense mechanism.

Intestinal stasis creates stagnant or putrefactive conditions and encourages the systemic absorption of pathogenic bacteria and their toxins. The prolonged retention of food residues, bile, and other waste results in increased numbers of bacteria present in the colon. For example, streptococcus and staphylococcus, which are a part of the normal flora of the large intestine can then enter the systemic circulation and be a potential source of disease.

Some years ago, over 50 of the leading physicians of Britain met in London and discussed before the Royal Society of Medicine this problem of autointoxication caused by a toxic colon. Twenty-two poisons were identified as originating in a toxic colon. These identified poisons are, however, only some of the many types of poisons that can be found in a toxic colon.

Of course detoxification should not be limited to the colon. It is equally important to detoxify the liver, kidneys, arteries, and in general, every cell in the body. But internal cleansing should start with the colon, because if this region is kept unclean, it will contaminate every other part of the system.

How do you know when it’s time to free your body of accumulated toxins, parasites and other waste material? Colon cleansing/detoxification can be beneficial for those with one or more of the following conditions:

▪ Chronic constipation
▪ Parasite infestation
▪ Frequent gas & bloating
▪ Recurring headaches
▪ Excess weight
▪ Bad breath
▪ Frequent fatigue
▪ Hemorrhoids
▪ Impaired digestion
▪ Irritability
▪ Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
▪ Frequent colds
▪ Candida infection
▪ Protruding belly
▪ degenerative diseases
▪ any acute affliction from pathogenic organisms

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