By the time you’re middle-aged, you’ve taken upwards of 15,000 showers and brushed your teeth about 30,000 times. Have you ever thought about the fact that we go to such great efforts, on a daily basis, to keep our skin and teeth clean and yet we don’t make the same effort to clean the inside of our bodies?

The inside of our body, especially the colon which functions as the “sewer system” of our body, requires regular cleaning as much as our skin and teeth. Over a period of time, if the colon is operating inefficiently, the walls of the colon can become encrusted with un-eliminated waste, thus making its function yet even more inefficient.


Over a long period of time fecal matter, mucus, toxins and parasites form a wall of impacted debris in the colon that can cause a build-up of toxicity. Prolonged accumulation of waste matter can also cause lethargy in the muscles of the colon, causing a sluggish bowel that cannot make complete bowel movements. Ill health is inevitable when the colon is not kept clean. A malfunctioning colon will affect the digestive system as well as every living cell and organ in the body.

A colon begins to malfunction when foods are not fully digested; a degenerative cycle begins then. The undigested foods begin putrefying and create an overly acidic condition. The friendly bacteria that are normal in a healthy colon begin to die off, creating an anaerobic (oxygen-deficient) environment for disease producing bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, parasites and yeast. When these toxins are absorbed through the blood capillaries lining the large intestine, the blood, too, will putrefy and acidification of the blood, too, takes place. This acidic and toxin-laden blood then pollutes the body on a cellular level. At this point, the cycle of life and health reverts to the cycle of death and disease.

Life begins and ends in the intestines. To fully detoxify, high colonic irrigation — colon cleansing — is necessary.


• when food is not eliminated, it coats the walls of the colon and prevents vital absorption of nutrients
• many clinicians feel that an unhealthy colon contributes to modern diseases. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg of the famed Battle Creek Sanitarium estimated 90% of diseases are related to colon un-health.
• a study of over 1000 women showed that cellular abnormalities were found in fluid extracted from breasts of the women who had fewer than 3 bowel movements a week. These cell changes were the same as those found in cancer, and occurred five times as often in the constipated women than in women who had bowel movements at least once a day.


• it empties every 6-8 hours
• waste is produced for everything that goes into the body except distilled water – 3 meals a day in, 3 meals a day out
• a healthy colon is reflected in luminescent skin, proper weight, and a flat belly
• every 4 minutes the blood cycles through the portal vein from the colon to the liver and back again. A toxic colon creates a toxic liver. Because the liver is a viral organ for whole-body detoxification, when it is toxic, it can’t do its job of systemic cleansing. When you detox the colon, you detox the liver as well. And they are, together, the 1-2 detox punch for the body.
• colon health is an on-going process, and reversal of an unhealthy colon takes time (sometimes years)

Find out the truth about colon cleansing and how it can help you. This website, and the therapeutic services La Casa Spa & Wellness Center provides, will give you the right questions to ask and the solutions, as well. Don’t be a victim of a toxic colon; be a victor.

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