Coronavirus Protocol

There is much on the origin and current status of the current coronavirus (COVID-19). It has been suggested that it may be an intentional or unintentional human-caused event, perhaps the result of developed bio-weapons. (China’s first maximum security virology lab was opened in 2018 in Wuhan–the epicenter of the recent outbreak–designed to study the world’s most dangerous pathogens.) Alternatively, a theory is that perhaps our precious, beloved earth Herself is striking out on her own. It may not matter which theory of these, or, an as-of-yet unstated one, is correct. The most important thing for us to know, at this point, is how to protect ourselves.

Although our knowledge is still limited about the nature of the coronavirus, we do know certain facts that can limit our risk to contracting the condition. We know the virus is spread through the breath, and other mucous membranes including the eyes. It also seems to be passed through feces. There may be other yet unknown routes of contagion. According to Lancet, the incubation period is 24 days. The life of the virus on surfaces is up to 9 days. It’s been detected in populations of 28 countries this-far. The head of the CDC predicts outbreaks within the US. One estimate of the numbers of people quarantined in China is 270 million. The newest information is that it is not as deadly as either SARS or MERS. And, finally, you do not need to show symptoms to have contracted the virus; patients who test positive for it often have no symptoms.

The cellular mechanism of the virus appears to be that the virus enters the cell, and once inside the cell, releases its RNA into the cell cytoplasm. The normal cell machinery is then hijacked, and more viruses are produced. An enzyme called 3CL (3-chymotripsin-like protease) is released, and this enzyme attacks the cells’ defenses against the coronavirus inhibitors.

South Korea recently announced that it has successfully treated coronavirus patients using oxygen. Unlike in the US, where patients are most often treated with pharmaceuticals, Korea is more open to natural therapies. Jeong Eun-Kyeong, director of Korea’s CDC announced that only one of South Korea’s 21 remaining coronavirus patients is still ill. All others have been released.

There are many steps you can take using natural substances and therapies to minimize the odds of your contracting corona: some involve life-style adjustments; some involve having therapies offered at holistic centers; some involve using naturally-sourced products. These recommendations represent a combination of suggestions I have compiled from speaking to and reading information from various holistic practitioners, including, most extensively, Mary Houston, Deborah Freudenmann​ (filling in for Marcus while he recovers from a recent car accident), Gabriel Cousins, and Dietrich Klinghardt.


Life-Style Adjustments:

    1. Keep your face protected by using Ki Science HOCL Hypochlorous acid is one of the most effective known biocides. It is the same chemical produced by the human immune system to kill invasive organisms and fight infection. Spray frequently throughout the day on the face, the mouth, the hands and any other exposed surface. I have been using this product for over a year now, and find it to be one of the best pathogenic killer on the market;
    2. Since corona enters through the nose, mouth and eyes, it is a good idea to use a humidifier filled with HOCL at home and at your workplace. Evaporate HOCL at least 15 minutes per room every couple of days;
    3. The Russians accomplish blocking pathogens from nasal passages by putting Vaseline around their nostrils, and slightly in the nostrils: probably ozonated oils will work as well if not better, and is readily available on Amazon;
    4. Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Vitamin C (3000 mg a day): Andrew Saul recently published research demonstrating that vitamin C protects specifically against coronavirus;
    5. Get plenty of sun as D3 is protective against all infectious agents;
    6. Quicksilver Scientific Nanoemulsified Liposomal D-3, K-2 supplementation if you live in a northern climate;
    7. Keep Vitamin A levels high;
    8. MSN, NAC, Taurine (600 mg twice a day);
    9. Keep your pH levels high with alkaline foods and liquids;
    10. Glycyrrhizic acid IV (licorice IV-find a local IV practitioner);
    11. Staying well-hydrated;
    12. Use the following essential oils liberally: eucalyptus; clove; grapefruit; cinnamon; tea tree; lemongrass; frankincense;
    13. Use herbal remedies that help to destroy the 3CL. They are:​​
      • citrus peel
      • orange peel
      • oregano
      • garlic
      • ginger
      • elderberry
      • turmeric.

Therapies (available at La Casa):

  • Ozone is the number 1 therapy to be done to both treat and prevent corona. Ozone destroys viruses by diffusing the gas through the protein coat of the cell, and into the nucleic acid core. This process results in damaging the RNA of the virus. While healthy cells have complex enzymes system as protectors, viruses, on the other hand, have no protections against oxidative stress, making them vulnerable to ozone.
    • Ozone is anti-microbial, antibacterial, anti-fungal and specifically for corona, it is antiviral. Ozone damages the viral capsid and upsets the reproductive cycle by disrupting the virus-to-cell contact with peroxidation;
    • Ozone activates the immune system by increasing the production of interferon, tumor necrosis factor, and interleukin-2. Interferon factors are the body’s most rapidly produced defense against viruses. Interleukin-2 produces a series of subsequent immunological reactions;
    • Ozone increases glutathione peroxidase, catalase and superoxide dismutase, and they are our most potent radical scaverngers and cell wall protectors;
    • Ozone reduces inflammation;
    • Ozone activates the citric acid cycle, stimulating production of ATP (which is the energy of each cell);
    • Ozone leads to an increase in the amount of oxygen released to the tissues, resulting in improved circulation;
    • Ozone activates the Nrf2 pathway, which is the master regulator of the cellular antioxidant response.
  • La Casa offers various methods of ozone therapy:
    • Ozone insufflation (2-3 times per week to keep redox systems awake);
    • particularly important for corona is respiratory inhalation, done safely through olive oil;
    • HOCATT (ozone is combined with infrared, carbonic acid, frequency specific microcurrents, PEMF, steam sauna, and  phototherapy);
    • Ozonated water.
  • Light Bath: full spectrum, red and blue lights;
  • RejuvaPod: intense infrared with hi heat;
  • Raindrop Therapy: uses essential oils to re-balance electrical system of body;
  • H2 Inhalation (see sidebar for benefits of H2).

Products available at La Casa:

  • Liquid Oxygen: APeX Water; for full report on APeX’s power as a healing agent, contact me @ my email:
  • Licorice root: tea or tincture;
  • Htablets for water;
  • pH salts for balancing pH levels;
  • Magnesium oil/balm on body; transdermal is the best way to get magnesium absorbed.

Products available elsewhere:

  • Illumodine: iodine (from Gabriel Cousins)
  • Colloidal Silver (from MesoSilver);
  • Oregano Oil: no living microbe or fungus can survive it (sold at all health food stores);
  • Red Algae (health food store);
  • Lomatium Root extract; from Emerson;
  • Liposomal Glutathione: from Emerson;
  • dead sea salt liquid magnesium: 2 ounce doses twice a day;
  • Zeolite: the humic acid in it works as a viral infusion inhibitor.


This protocol will serve for any virus or flu as well. It’s also a good shingles, fever blisters, herpes protocol. It’s good for just about everything.

This is a good article that just came out:

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