Energy Healing: You are a shining, vibrating being of energy

In order to understand scientifically how we resonate with the elements, we will need to understand some basic principles about a form of medicine that is ancient but about which current research is documenting its efficacy. This is the branch of healing referred to as vibrational or energy healing.

Einstein is actually the one who paved the way for a scientific understanding of what shamans, yogis and medicine have been doing for over 5000 years. We know that when we tell you it has to do with his formula E=mc2 that your eyes will glaze over. Yet, the understanding of this formula is so absolutely simple that its simplicity is actually what will lead you to think that you don’t understand it. All Einstein meant was: energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance. That universal substance is energy. Energy is vibration.

Since Einstein, research has confirmed his theory. The modern science of super string theory teaches that fundamentally the universe is pure vibration. Quantum physics has similarly shown us that at the particle level, all matter is really energy.

Everything living vibrates at certain frequencies

This is true not only for electrons, atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs, but also for parasites, bacteria, and viruses. And, it is true for we humans, and for all parts of our bodies. We humans, like the universe in which we reside, are beings of energy. We are actually a series of interacting, multidimensional energy systems that are manifested on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes.

Each part of the body – even the smallest constituent – is a part of this bioenergetic communication network and continuously generates a stream of vibratory information. We are so much more than mere flesh and bones, cells and proteins; we are shining, electrical, magnetic (and perhaps other forms of energy not yet discovered) beings. And we exist in dynamic interaction and equilibrium with a universe of energy that is, similarly, shining, electrical and magnetic.

We know that the human body, awake, averages a frequency of 62-72 Hz. Disease sets in when the frequency drops. The frequency of the body drops when the body comes into contact with substances that have lower frequencies: junk food, canned or otherwise denatured food, drugs, even synthetic vitamins. Research has shown that merely holding a cup of coffee in your hand can drop your frequency (probably through the aroma which has a more powerful effect on us than any of us would imagine).

If we are beings of energy, it follows that we can be affected by energy

Researchers know that not only can we convert matter into energy, we can also convert energy into matter. This is the premise of vibrational healing. Energy can be imparted to us from an external source – materials of the cosmos, a person, even a machine; we can give others energy; we can transform our own energetic states. The universe itself is a healer; everyone is a potential energetic healer to everyone else, and we are all healers to ourselves.

Vibrational (Energy) Medicine is now one of the most widely studied fields of medicine today. It is based on the intersecting aspects of the sciences of biology, physiology, chemistry and physics, and looks at the subtleties of human structure and patterns of energy in interaction. Significant bioenergetic principles as well as treatment modalities have emerged, and there is now global interest and research in the clinical application of Vibrational Medicine. Homeopathy is one part of vibrational medicine, and has been used by various systems of medicine throughout history, but because of its subtle nature, up to recent times has been largely ignored by the mainstream medical practitioners.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case. Advancements in modern technology have made it possible for the previously unseen/subtle to be now seen. Subtle energy systems invisible to the naked eye of most of us as well as their influence on the physiologic behavior of cellular systems have been confirmed. For the past 50 years, physicists and other researchers following Einstein’s quantum model have been working on ways to detect, measure and manipulate the subtle energy systems of the human body.

The discoveries made through this research have made it possible for today’s health care practitioners to work with subtler forms of energy, both in the diagnosis and treatment of illness. Thus, it is now possible to view and measure the body’s subtle energy fields, as well as changes in these fields after Vibrational Medicine modalities have been applied. Vibrational medicine stimulates the body’s restorative systems without the side-effects associated with the use of pharmacological substances.