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La Casa is happy to again host Adiel Tel-Oren, M.D. to speak on May 9th, at 7:30pm. As always, his topic sounds fascinating: “The Skinny on Fat.”

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Read below about La Casa’s amazing waters, and come to the grand opening of NYC’S ONLY WATER BAR.

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Water Bar!

Healing waters from around the world,

NYC’s exclusive Smart Water Bar

Molecular hydrogen has been shown to have a therapeutic effect in over 150 human diseases.
Hydrogen Water: 
• improves mood 
• promotes weight loss
• regulates blood sugar levels
• helps cancer prevention by suppressing tumor colony growth
• prevents metabolic syndrome by decreasing levels of glucose, insulin and triglycerides
• promotes eye health 
• provides relief from arthritis
• promotes oral health 
• protects the skin 
• reduces muscle fatigue 
• protects the brain 
• prolongs lifespan 
• promotes pH balance;
• promotes wound healing
• reduces inflammation
• enhances mitochondrial function
• improves bladder dysfunctions
• lowers cholesterol
• protects cardio functioning
• relieves pain
• protects lungs
• promotes gut health
ASEA is a mixture of 16 chemically recombined products of salt and water. It consists of trillions of stable, perfectly balanced molecules with completely new chemical properties, and the final product is no longer salt or water. Rather, it is a balanced buffet of redox signaling molecules. Signaling molecules are created within every cell in the body, and redox signaling is a function that is central to all life. As we age, our cells make fewer of these molecules. ASEA is the world’s only source for replenishing them.
ASEA water: 
• promotes enhanced immune function
• supports the vital activity of cellular communication 
• provides superior “support” to athletes 
• boosts efficiency of the body’s own antioxidants by 500%
• protects against free radical damage.
• helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response
• helps maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity
• improves gut health and digestive enzyme production
• modulates hormone balance to support vitality and wellness


Double Helix Water is a product developed based on Dr. Shui Yin Lo’s research on stable water clusters. It represents a newly discovered phase of water called Stable Water Clusters. The water has had double-blind studies at major universities, finding that it stimulates the response capabilities of the body’s immune system.

Thermal images taken before and after drinking Double Helix Water​.

The picture of the sample slide above was taken with a Scanning Electron Microscope. The large oblong mass in the middle of the slide is the body of the bacteria and the small point-like structures are Stable Water Clusters found in Double Helix Water, sticking to and surrounding the bacterial mass, preventing it from growing any further. The Stable Water Clusters in this slide have actually started to break down the bacteria, rupturing the protein sack surrounding the bacteria and causing the body of bacteria to spill out across the slide—similar to a cracked egg—ultimately killing the bacteria. This water has demonstrated antibacterial action.


The creation of APeX derives from two paradigm-shifting scientific/medical discoveries: the first comes from the understanding of specific properties of minute particles of silver that make it an ideal delivery system for carrying oxygen to pathogenic cells; the second arises from Otto Warburg’s discovery in the 1930s that cancer cells thrive in oxygen deficient environments. In the 1950s a group of scientists married these two discoveries together, and created a liquid water product that, to this day, is unique and unrivalled in its therapeutic power for reversing many afflictions and illnesses. The scientists encapsulated a smaller than nano-sized silver nucleus within a cluster of oxygen molecules. APeX attaches large numbers of oxygen molecules—clusters—to each silver particle, forming what might be best referred to as a Silver-Oxygen Nano-Cluster. The oxygen molecules are bonded to the silver core, and through the use of the silver nuclei, the oxygen is delivered, past the cell membrane, into the heart of the cell. APeX is a direct cellular infusion oxygen delivery system. It has the ability to specifically rout out pathogenic cells, and then, one-by-one, destroy them, without any toxic residue to healthy cells.

The pictures below illustrate the effect of APeX water on various organs through measurement by the Matrix Decoder program:


This award-winning deuterium-depleted water (DDW) water, produced in Romania, is referred to as immaculate water because it is like the water that existed thousands of years ago on Earth. The water produced in the body (referred to as metabolic water) is also deuterium depleted.

Deuterium is one of three hydrogen isotopes. Discoveries in the last fifteen years have been groundbreaking. We now know that even a small reduction in deuterium content in the body can have a significant influence on a number of health parameters. The most effective way of reducing the quantity of deuterium in the body is to directly consume water with a low content of deuterium. Qlarivia has a 6 times smaller concentration of deuterium than is present in naturally occurring water.

Over ten years of research and clinical trials on humans in Hungary by Dr. Gábor Somlyai have identified positive effects of DDW including: reducing errors in DNA transcription, giving anti-aging properties; improving ATP production; transmitting information more efficiently.

Experiments on plants with DDW show a general increase in growth and productivity — up to 200%. Experiments with chickens lead to a 50% decrease in mortality and a near doubling in egg production. Experiments with mice revealed increased life expectancy and an increase in sexual activity.


Crystal Energy, developed by Patrick Flanagan, consists of silica-based nano-sphere minerals that make water “wetter,” thus unlocking the potential of water as a medium for nutrient replenishment and waste removal at the cellular level. One drop of Crystal Energy contains trillions of these particles. When added to one ounce of water, the electric charge density breaks the water clusters into smaller clusters so completely that the water has the same surface tension as boiling water.

The rate of movement of water and nutrients across cell membranes is increased by as much as 2.5 times. At the level of the cell, increasing the flow of water by 2.5 times means that over 100X as many nutrients are brought into the cells, and 100X more toxins can be transported out of the body for elimination.

In addition, the equally charged particles distribute themselves in such a way that they are within 100 nanometers of each other. Water molecules are polar and align themselves with the nano-spheres. This process is called ‘epitaxy’ where crystals of one material grow on the highly charged substrate of another material, duplicating the substrate structure.


Tablets or capsules are the least effective way if getting nutrients. It takes 20-30 minutes just to break down the pills, and this is before the body can even start to assimilate them. Once broken down, the body utilizes only 40-53% of the ingredients. The remainder ends up as very expensive urine!

In order for any nutrient to reach the cells of the body, it must first be suspended in a liquid. Dr. Daryl Gioffre has created a superior line of powders, Alkamind Daily Greens and Daily Minerals. His motto, Get Off Your Acid, comes from understanding the vital importance of pH in the body. Staying alkaline assists your body from depleting its own resources in its attempt to neutralize too much damaging acidity.

Alkamind takes only 1-4 minutes to assimilate with a 98% absorption rate.


Cannabiplex is most advanced CBD delivery system on the market and boasts the highest concentration of bioavailable cannabinoids, and contains over 75 terpenes including:


Cannabinoid Water is not your typical water. It utilizes nano-nutrients that come from 100% organic, non-GMO Hemp, offering the health benefits of cannabinoids without the cannabis effects. It reduces the nutrients into tiny particles one millionth of their size and encapsulate them into water clusters. The pH of the water is 7.4.

Several studies have shown CBD provides workout recovery health benefits thanks to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties that include:

• anti-inflammatory
• muscle spasm relief
• protection of the heart, lungs and brain
• reduction of nausea
• increases in appetite
• sleep aide


Given the history of mankind, and our never-ending love affair with salt, it would seem odd that a substance that has, in ancient times, been as valuable as gold, would be bad for us, as modern medicine suggests. Salt is instrumental in maintaining fluid balance between the internal and external environments of our cells. In contradistinction to the lots-of-salt-is-bad-for-you theory, many studies actually show that eating too little salt can be harmful, including the following disturbances: elevated LDL cholesterol and triglycerides; increased risk of dying from heart disease or heart failure; insulin resistance; type 2 diabetes; adrenal fatigue; electrolyte deficiency; imbalance in the regulatory hormonal system; headaches; fluid retention; and sleep disturbance.

Himalayan Pink Salt and Celtic Salt are usual substitutes for denatured table salt. However both lack an essential mineral: sulfur. Many of us are deficient in sulfur. Increasing levels of toxins in our food, water, and air, combined with lower food quality, have caused depletion of our bodily sulfur reserves. The elderly and vegetarians often suffer the greatest deficiency. Celtic salt has the additional disadvantage of sometimes being harvested from highly polluted seas that have been contaminated by agricultural, industrial and urban runoff.

Black Himalayan salt comes from black rock high in Nepal. It is mined and harvested from pristine layers of earth, 300 million-years old in one of the most unpolluted places on earth. The salt is delivered to a government-approved fair trade facility in Kathmandu that is dedicated solely to the processing of the salt. The factory is owned by a humanitarian network of schools, orphanages, and community centers dedicated to preventing child trafficking as well as providing quality education and strengthening the local communities. Rather than using chemical or mechanical means that could contaminate the resultant salt, the salt crystals are separated from the conjoining rock by hand. (Machines that are coated with lead-laced paint are of particular concern in salt mining procedures.) The salt is then hand-cleaned and crushed. Black Himalayan salt is as pure and raw as it is possible to get. Added to water, it makes a refreshing nutrient as well as natural medicine.


Dr. Gerald Pollack has done revolutionary research on structured water. Structured water is the water that is found both in nature and within our own bodies. Structured water molecules held within our cells have a higher level of electrical charge. Structured water stores energy, much like a battery. The aqueous interior of our molecules need to be charged on an ongoing basis, allowing for both optimized cellular and metabolic function as well as greater hydration and detoxification. When our water molecules are optimally charged, our bodies are happy. The healing waters from the Ganges and Lourdes, have been found to have the signature of the structured water found in cells. We use Russian technology, through the Cem Tech, to structure our quadruple filtered water.

When the water we drink is mechanically filtered, treated with chemicals and contaminated with various pollutants or toxins — leading to high tap water toxicity and abnormal estrogen levels — the structure changes and the water loses its healing benefits. If you have pathology of an organ, it’s not only the organ that is working improperly, but also the water inside that organ, too.

Structured water benefits:
• enhances energy levels
• improves digestion and regularity
• produces enzymes that help with nutrient absorption
• facilitates concentration
• diminishes muscle contractions
• improves moods
• improves sleep
• regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels
• improves respiration
• builds endurance
• assists in weight control
• improves kidney and liver health
• improves joint health

Respectfully submitted by:
*Licensed Psychologist
*Certified  Psychoanalyst
*Stone Carrier Medicine Woman, Native American Traditional Organization


“Life-style trumps genes” is one of the most important lessons on health that I want to impart. My mother and sister were both dead of cancer long before they reached the age that I am currently (72). Pictures above are of me on my 72nd birthday, two months ago. I am healthy, have no diseases, live an active lifestyle (swim, run, do yoga), and am a 50-year vegetarian. Yet, according to genetic predictions, I should probably be dead. Statistical estimates are that I have a 16 times higher chance of getting cancer than someone without my genetic history. Rather than dying, I thrive in my lifestyle, my age, and my infinite curiosity. CURIOSITY is the CURE.

My mother was my first inspiration/lesson about the reversibility of cancer.

I created La Casa Spa and Wellness Center long before holistic medicine was widely known. My mother and I spent the 1970s seeking alternative cancer therapies because she had been diagnosed with breast cancer mestaticized to terminal bone cancer. Following sound principles of holistic health, my mother was able to reverse her cancer condition entirely, moving from her wheelchair to joyfully playing tennis again.

After my father died, my mother’s cancer came roaring back with a vengeance. I understand the resurgance of my mother’s illness to be entirely related to the loss of her one-and-only-beloved.

These experiences — of my mother getting sick, my mother fully reversing terminal cancer, and my mother’s cancer coming back after the biggest emotional loss of her life — inspired me to specialize in my psychoanalytic practice to work with cancer patients, and to fulfill the need for a holistic healing center. La Casa started as a destination holistic center in the rain forest jungle  of Puerto Rico, and then in the urban jungle of NYC. I invite my readers, and all others, to partake of the restorative and profoundly cleansing therapies that have brought La Casa world-wide recognition. A personal note: there is not a single therapy offered at both La Casas that I have not incorportated into my own lifestyle.

Legal Disclaimer
Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products or therapies have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA nor any other medical authority approved these products pr therapies to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every person is unique, we highly recommend you to consult with your licensed health care practitioner about the use of products or therapies discussed here as it relates to your particular situation.