How Cooperation Between Women and Men Ended War and Created A Healthier, Friendlier World For All

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Writer and philosopher Jean Houston reflected on her encounter with Albert Einstein. As she tells the story, she was eight years old, attending a school where they felt it was a good idea for students to meet some of the great elders of the time. The kids were trotted over to Princeton, New Jersey to Einstein’s house. One of her classmates asked him: “Uh, Mr. Einstein, how can we get to be as smart as you?” He responded: “Read fairy tales.” Another kid asked: “Mr. Einstein, how can we get to be smarter than you?” He said: “Read more fairy tales!” What Einstein was encouraging them to do was to nurture and grow their imaginations. Einstein understood something that almost all highly creative and successful people comprehend — that the imaginal realm is where the most potent ideas, the ones that can change your life or even the world (as Einstein’s did), are held.

Today, as we begin again–hopefully post COVID–our very human need to intermingle with one another, I thought we could use  a little lightness. Please read my revisited-fable below– a take-off on an ancient Greek myth story. You’ll have fun with it. I promise. 


This is the story of how women ended war, and got men to cooperate (kind of against their will, at least, at first, but then, they, too came along with the new plan of fun, frivolity, good eating, and great sex).

A long time ago, men were, as usual, fighting amongst themselves, having left the women behind to take care of the homes and children. The women weren’t at all happy. They didn’t like being left alone; they didn’t like not having sex on a regular basis; and they especially didn’t like the fact that their husbands may not come home at all. Because, after all, the one thing that always is true about war is that, no matter who wins (even if the winners are the ones on the side of G-d), people get killed.

One smart woman, Lysistrata, performed what might have been the world’s first bio-hack. Make note: a bio-hack is defined as: involves trying new techniques and finding out what works. She self-experimented (bio-hacked) with her own body, gave up having sex, and decided that she could do without sex for quite a while if it meant accomplishing a higher good. She then convinced the women of her country, that they, too, could bio-hack, and each of them could individually decide to give up sex for a while for a greater good. They, too then, withheld sexual privileges from their husbands so long as the men insisted on warring.

(Parenthetically, the women agreed to the plan over a bottle of wine. Wine was seriously honored in those times as a sacred rite. A promise is a promise when it comes out of a sacred rite.)

The particular war the men were insisting on fighting was the interminable Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. But it could have been any war, by any name, at any time in history. It just happened to be that war at that time that Lysistrata had her brilliant idea. She insisted that if the men wanted to have sex, they had to negotiate a peace amongst themselves. Well, we all know (and they knew way back then, too) that men don’t like to go very long without sex. So, they were being unhappily coerced into bringing an end to the war. Sex talks while war walks.

As I said, Lysistrata was smart, so she didn’t entirely trust that sex would be a good enough impetus. She added a precautionary measure to her plan. She got the older women of Athens (presumably women who would no longer hold sexual prowess over their men) to seize control of the nearby Acropolis (yet another innovative bio-hack) which happened to hold all the money in the state treasury. Even then, war needed money—lots of money. Without access to their money, the men didn’t have a prayer’s chance in hell to fund their war. The word of revolt spread quickly through gossip (without internet, gossip was the main means of communication in those days), and then the young sexy women joined the old hags, retreating behind the barred gates of the Acropolis. One could say the women had their men by the balls.

Next, a chorus of bumbling old men arrived. Their goal was to plow through the gates of the Acropolis. They asked nicely at first. The women wouldn’t budge. Then the men decided their best plan would be to burn down the gate. However, as luck would have it, before the men could make their preparations for the big burn, a second chorus of old women arrived, bearing pitchers of water. An argument ensued; nasty words exchanged; threats leveled. But the old women had a weapon that was quite successful in getting the old men to forget their intent: the old men received a good dunking with lots of pitchers of water thrown over their heads.

Then, of course, the law stepped in. Today we would call it the Department of Justice, and either Bill Barr or Rudy Giuliani would play the role of the magistrate who decided that the women were completely out of control. But, ultimately he placed the blame on the men, accusing them of not supervising their womenfolk properly. At this point, The Mr. Barr/Giuliani-look-alike was rather desperate to get silver from the treasury to continue to support the war effort. Because of the previous fiasco, he no longer trusted anyone else to do the deed, and he sent his own guys, the constables, to break into the Acropolis. But they, too, were quickly overwhelmed by groups of unruly women. (There should be a lesson in this for us: never underestimate the power of women who are devoted to a cause.)

Lysistrata, still the leader of the women, was able to restore some order after the fracas. She decided to allow the Mr. Barr/Giuliani-stand-in to question her about her ultimate plans. She patiently explained to him, as a mother does to a child, the frustrations that women experience when their men go off to war. She enlightened him that when men make stupid decisions that affect everyone, it is generally because they have not listened to their women. She expressed sorrow for the young, childless women, left to grow old at home during the best years of their lives, while the men were passing the time (actually wasting their time is more accurate as a description of what they were doing) on endless military campaigns.

To illustrate her points: with the help of the women, Lysistrata dressed the magistrate up, first as a woman, and then as a corpse. She wanted the Barr/Giuliani-guy to understand that the way the men were running the world, there was only one degree of separation between being a woman, and being dead.

The ever-clever Lysistrata constructed an elaborate analogy to help everyone understand clearly the dilemma they faced, and the solution: she showed that Athens should be structured based on the model of how women spin wool: carefully, thoughtfully, mindfully, and with joy in the experience.

But, there was one other problem. Some of Lysistrata’s followers had become quite desperate for sex. They began to desert the cause on the silliest of pretexts, such as: to air out their bedding (planning for future sex); going to the hair dresser (planning for future sex); one was even caught trying to escape to a brothel (planning for future sex).

Sex definitively, eventually won the day. There were a lot of hot tamales looking for hot buns to be wrapped in. Peace talks ensued. The men and women overcame their differences, and retired to the Acropolis for celebrations, songs, dancing, and late-night sex (at last).





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Evidence abounds that our ability to think conceptually and with nuanced reasoning is diminishing. The virtual world we now live in may be creating for us virtual brains. In the virtual world, we see spoon-fed menu options as opposed to free-ranging inquiry. Contracted text-messaging lacks the verbs and conditional structures that are essential for complex thinking.

The computer, like television, consists of a mosaic of images, backlit screens and near instantaneous speed. These attributes engage the right hemisphere of the brain. Yet, when we are reading or writing, we are employing language, which engages the left hemisphere. When we use words on the computer — reading or writing — both hemispheres are stimulated, but not in an integrated way. Rather, the hemispheres are conflicting — even competing — with one another. To the brain, reading and writing on a computer is an entirely different activity — neurologically disorganizing — than reading and writing using paper, which is a neurologically organizing activity. As a result of our current dependence on digital communication, we are witnessing a decline in linguistic and visual imagination, and an atrophy of creativity.

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Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D.: 

After completing the first Masters program in the country for Art Therapy at Pratt Institute, Dr. Goldberg then received a MA in psychology from The New School for Social Research, and a Ph.D. in psychology from City University of New York. Dr. Goldberg is a licensed psychologist, a certified psychoanalyst, serves on the faculty of the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies, has authored 8 books, and is a blogger, holistic health practitioner, and owner of La Casa Spa & Wellness (NY) and La Casa Spa & Wellness (Puerto Rico). 


Stephanie Marks:


Stephanie danced as an adolescent, becoming a ballerina extraordinaire of Russian ballet. She is currently a long-distance runner, and has specialized in working with children and athletes recovering from their injuries. She is a certified yoga instructor, and has also had extensive psychoanalytic and meditation training. 

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Respectfully submitted by:
Jane G. Goldberg, Ph.D.
*Licensed Psychologist
*Certified  Psychoanalyst
*Stone Carrier Medicine Woman, Native American Traditional Organization
New York  
Puerto Rico

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