In Defense of Sweating

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The Beljanski Legacy
We would like to invite you to a film premier, taking place at La Casa Spa, on Tuesday, January 13th. We have planned this exciting event in conjunction with The Beljanski Foundation–an organization dedicated to furthering the important work of environmental medicine pioneer, Dr. Mirko Beljanski.

“The Beljanski Legacy” is a 23-minute film about Dr. Beljanski’s revolutionary work, in the areas of carcinogenesis and the destabilizing role of environmental toxins on DNA.
For a first look at this wonderful short documentary, watch the preview here:
The Beljanski Legacy Trailer (Documentary in english)
The Beljanski Legacy Trailer (Documentary in English)
We are pleased that we will be joined at La Casa by Dr. Beljanski’s daughter, Sylvie, Vice President of The Beljanski Foundation, who has continued her fathers important work. I have heard her speak at both the MondoWell and Navel conferences, and I can attest that she is a knowledgeable advocate for detoxification and holistic living. Ms. Beljanski will be conducting a Q and A session after the screening.As always, with La Casa events, there is no entry fee.

Mondo Well is coming soon! Both Jane and Sylvie Beljanski will be speaking at the health and wellness conference this March 25th, at the New York Hilton. For details and day passes, please check for updates.

Respectfully submitted by Dr. Jane Goldberg
and La Casa Day Spa
41 E. 20th St
New York
NY. 10003

Dr. Jane Goldberg’s books are all available from Amazon, including her most recent: 2014’s  The Hormesis Effect (published by Sea Raven Press)
This Musings is
In Defense of Sweating and Fever.
 Next Musings is
In Defense of Shivering.
In this frigid weather that most of the country is experiencing, how lovely to know that being cold for short periods of time is good for us. Stay tuned!
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