INFINITY COLONIC (Our most long lasting colonic)

60 minutes: $325

The colonic that keeps on giving. Using the Cem Tech technology, we take a frequency reading of your outflow discharge and imprint it into an electronic homeopathic diode. During the rest of the cleansing, we feed back to you the recorded frequency. Benefits: neutralizes the frequencies of all pathogenic material that has been living in your colon; intensifies purification of intestinal tract.

Phase 2 of Infinity Colonic: You take the diode home with you and we explain how to use it until your next colonic. Every subsequent colonic appointment, we re-record the frequency of your stool. The diode is, then, an always up-to-date reflection of what your body wants (and needs) homeopathically.

purchase cost of Cem Tech diode: $200

wrist band to hold diode: $50

Each re-recording: $20


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