InSPArational tip from Dr. Jane Goldberg!

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Cleaning the skin:

1) Take a dry skin brush and brush up the front of the body and down the back. You will feel a warm glow as you help the body in sloughing off old cells and bring blood to the surface of the skin.
2) Alternating hot and cold water in a shower after the dry skin brush maximizes the effect. This hot and cold alternation exercises the tiny
muscles in the skin which control the opening and shutting of the pores.
3) After the shower, sitting in a tub of water with either four cups of Epsom salts added or one cup of apple cider vinegar will further the
cleansing. The Epsom salts draw the toxins out; the vinegar restores the normal acid/alkaline balance to the skin.
4) To finish your skin cleansing, give your skin the best meal it could have. After you have towel-dried yourself to a warm glow, feed your skin essential oils made from the seeds of plants.