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Tissue and Organ Cleansing

A dramatic illustration of the importance of detoxification is the story of Selena. Selena reported that in just one month, she had lost 20 pounds. She lamented that every time she put any food in her body, she had excruciating abdominal pains and nausea. She hadn’t been able to eat any solid food for that entire month. Selena was scheduled for exploratory abdominal surgery the next day.
At the eleventh hour, Selena opted for a natural approach. She first had a colonic, then drank some green water (see Let’s Eat) and soothing teas. That afternoon she had another colonic. For three days, Selena had two colonics each day. By the second day she was able to eat watermelon without pain and by the third day she was cheerfully chomping down a baked potato. Selena never had her surgery.

Food, like germs, is recognized by the body as a foreign presence. The process of breaking down this foreign entity is the process of digestion. This is normally completed without ill consequences when the individual is able to break down the chemical components of the food.
Digestion occurs in a part of the body that is not, topologically, inside the body. The body can be seen as a thick, misshapen cylinder, the outer surface being what we see, the inner surface being the alimentary canal. This digestive system consists of a single convoluted tube, some thirty feet long, open at its beginning, the mouth, and its end, the anus. Various sites in the tube, such as the stomach, are enlarged enough to accommodate the task of holding food and mixing it with glandular secretions. Some components of food, such as the cellulose in bread and vegetables, enter and leave the digestive tract never having entered the body itself. It is only when food components are broken down into small particles, simple enough to be absorbed, that the surface of the cylinder is finally breached, and nutrients enter the blood and lymphatic systems which, in turn, will carry them to every cell in the body. Toxins, as well as nutrients, enter the body systemically through digestion, and then through the fluid mediums, the blood and lymphatic.