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 The XCaliber

The XCalibur in La Casa

Our newest, hot off the presses, innovative, amazing healing device – gratis to everyone who comes to La Casa — the XCalibur. All you need to do is BE In our space.

Nikola Tesla once said that the quest of man is to accumulate more energy or power.

La Casa has a new friend. It accumulates energy and power to the benefit of man. It is called the XCalibur. It’s a frequency device that replicates the frequencies found in a specific area of the Hunza Valley. You may recognize the name of the region because it is where goji berries come from. The people living there have been reported to live to over 120 years (some reports say 150), and, even at that age, still function as though they are in the prime of their lives.

In the 1970s, an Italian engineer named Gianni A. Dotto determined that it was the magnetic anomalies found in the area that created the life extension effects. Dotto theorized that the increased magnetic field effect was from the unique geography of a hot valley juxtaposed next to a glacier mountain, and the clash of the hot and cold temperatures. Between these antithetical regions, in the middle, was the high magnetic zone where the people live. Think of it as blasting a high intensity air conditioner out the door on a hot summer’s day. The high magnetism from the area imbued both the food and water, and had profound health enhancements/life-extension effects on the people.

Dotto built a unit that he called the Dotto Ring that generated frequencies similar to the Hunza Valley. He had several units at Sloan-Kettering Hospital in NYC doing a cancer treatment study when the machines were suddenly smashed by representatives from the FDA. Dotto soon fled the country and was never heard from again. We never got the results of the study.

My friend, Kevin Courtois, who I have interviewed previously in my TV show (also called Musings from 20th Street) read an article on the Dotto Ring after 9/11. He decided to attempt to rebuild the machine. It took him six years and three different engineers before he had replicated Dotto’s original machine. Then he started fiddling, and morphed it into the XCalibur, an elegant radio frequency device that is far more flexible and powerful than the Dotto Ring.

Earth Resonance = Schumann Resonance
The Schumann resonance (7.83Hz) is the natural pulsation of the Earth’s magnetic field that connects all living things. This is one of the wave settings found on the XCalibur.

It was Dr. Herbert Konig, Schumann’s successor, who demonstrated a connection between Schumann Resonance and brain rhythms. Konig compared human EEG recordings with natural electromagnetic fields in the environment and found the average frequency by Schumann vibrations coincided with the frequency of alpha rhythms– the brain frequency of the relaxed and creative mind. Moreover, Konig discovered that the dominant brain wave rhythms of all mammals in alpha or resting state is 7.83Hz: Earth Resonance.

The XCalibur also gives a frequency sweep for the electromagnetic waves that exist in the Earth’s ‘electromagnetic’ cavity — the space between the surface of the Earth and the Ionosphere. Like waves on a string, they are not present all the time, but have to be ‘excited’ to be observed. The XCalibur feature, the “Exciter,” represents several frequencies that excite our own tissues, specifically 7.8 (strongest), 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 (weakest) Hertz.

Many experts believe that the wide spectrum of stronger artificial man-made EMF radiation masks the natural beneficial frequency of the Earth. Electro-pollution causes us to feel more stressed, fatigued and “out of balance.” Laboratory research has shown that exposing living cells to the Schumann Resonance had the effect of protecting them from ambient EMFs, allowing the cells to increase their immune protection, and decrease the absorption of depression inducing chemicals. Some researchers believe that by producing a 7.83 Hz pulse sweep with a field generator, like the XCalibur, we can counter the effects of the irritating man-made fields. By replicating the Earth’s natural rhythm, we provide ourselves with a healthier environment.

Age Reversal
Dotto claimed that his device extends the telomeres, the aging clock of the cells. The human being is a standing wave of energy, a hologram according to quantum physics. The Aura consists of the etheric body — the blueprint for the mental, spiritual and emotional bodies as well as the physical carbon-based body. All the ethereal bodies emanate and interact with the physical body. DNA has both physical and non-physical aspects. The physical body is rooted in time and is subject to the laws of entropy or aging. The etheric body is non-linear and outside of time. Living in time results in the weakening of all the energy bodies.

Traditionally the Chinese believe that when we use up the pre-natal chi (energy) contained within the etheric body, that we age and eventually die. The bio-resonance sweep of the XCalibur is designed to increase the pre-natal chi contained within the subtle bodies. It recharges the etheric battery that was originally charged at the moment of conception. Conception itself is a massive electro-magnetic event similar to a thunder and lightening storm. When chi is strengthened, we begin to see a process equivalent to age regression. Kevin speculates that age reversal on a physical level is a result of a massive energy accumulation within the human aura.

Sound and Music Conversion to Magnetic Wave Form
The Sound conversion component of the XCalibur machine allows for music to be converted into a magnetic waveform. An external stereo audio input jack is built into the unit that can be used for meditation tracks, white noise, nature/whale songs and other specific audio feeds. This capacity of the XCalibur provides a channel of communication that is far more than a headset or TV screen. Kevin considers it to be a direct link to tissues, cells, and molecules of an organism.

Kevin has witnessed benefits of increasing clarity of thought, better brain functioning, enhanced creativity, greater satisfaction in life, and improved athletic performance. He further explains that the effects are cumulative over a period of time.

To enjoy the wealth of benefits of the XCalibur, all you need to do it come to La Casa. Sitting in our reception room, or having a treatment — BEING IN OUR SPACE — is all you need to do for your body to enjoy the XCalibur benefits. If you are interested in purchasing the XCalibur, Kevin is selling them for $15,000. Contact La Casa to get his number.

Respectfully submitted by:
*Licensed Psychologist
*Certified  Psychoanalyst
*Stone Carrier Medicine Woman, Native American Traditional Organization

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La Casa Puerto Rico


Our stunning La Casa, in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, is now welcoming guests back into the rainforest cottage.

And based on our many online reviews, everyone has had a fantastic time so far.

“Jill, Patrick, and Sequoyah were very helpful and friendly! They pointed us to a cute breakfast spot down the road with very tasty eggs Benedict. Also, the house was cozy and had fantastic views of an amazing sunset. We would recommend this spot to anyone.”

                                   — Rachel

“A very special place to stay, would always book this place again, great and lovely people”

                          — Sebastian

“This place is great. Nestled beautifully in the mountains, it’s a sight to walk up to it every time. It’s not hard to get to after the first time, and it’s not far from the main roads. The view is breathtaking, and I suggest exploring the area around La Casa because we found an awesome hang-out spot but on the last day. If you want a romantic getaway that’s still not far from everything, stay at La Casa.”                                                         — Michael


You can make a reservation via Airbnb by clicking HERE.

Video: Exploring Our Bountiful Gardens at La Casa, Puerto Rico

On my recent trip to Puerto Rico, I joined Jyll, the manager of La Casa PR, for a walk around the grounds, in order to explore all the gifts of the gardens. Best of all? We caught it all on film.

You can see the video by clicking HERE. 

Thanks, Dr. T!

Back in August, Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren graced La Casa with his presence once more to share a talk titled “UnAmerican Innovations in Cancer Treatment & True Prevention.”​ The talk covered a number of fascinating topics, including: Why are many well-established, successful cancer approaches considered un-American? Why are “cancer success” statistics of alternative (holistic) approaches highly distorted? What is virotherapy and why is it essential? What is Laser Tumor Therapy and what are its strengths and limitations? 

If you’d like to find out the answers to those questions, you can watch the talk in full by clicking HERE.

Greetings From Puerto Rico!

I spent September enjoying the blue skies and stunning rainbows above La Casa Puerto Rico. Although the pictures don’t align, what was so stunning about this rainbow was that it covered the entire sky. The two pics together show the whole shabang.

That’s not to mention the produce — I especially love the perfect onions. I just think they’re so beautiful. We had a picnic on the beach with our portble grill. Good food; great ocean sounds; perfect warn, nourishing and detoxifying ocean water. Sheer bliss.


Look for an announcement of our first workshop  at La Casa Puereto Rico. We’re hoping it will be in February, nature cooperating. So far, we are waiting for the earth to become dry enough so we can pour comcrete to build our eco-dome-homes.


“Life-style trumps genes” is one of the most important lessons on health that I want to impart. My mother and sister were both dead of cancer long before they reached the age that I am currently (72). Pictures above are of me on my 72nd birthday, two months ago. I am healthy, have no diseases, live an active lifestyle (swim, run, do yoga), and am a 50-year vegetarian. Yet, according to genetic predictions, I should probably be dead. Statistical estimates are that I have a 16 times higher chance of getting cancer than someone without my genetic history. Rather than dying, I thrive in my lifestyle, my age, and my infinite curiosity.

My mother was my first inspiration/lesson about the reversibility of cancer.

I created La Casa Spa and Wellness Center long before holistic medicine was widely known. My mother and I spent the 1970s seeking alternative cancer therapies because she had been diagnosed with breast cancer mestaticized to terminal bone cancer. Following sound principles of holistic health, my mother was able to reverse her cancer condition entirely, moving from her wheelchair to joyfully playing tennis again.

After my father died, my mother’s cancer came roaring back with a vengeance. I understand the resurgance of my mother’s illness to be entirely related to the loss of her one-and-only-beloved.

These experiences — of my mother getting sick, my mother fully reversing terminal cancer, and my mother’s cancer coming back after the biggest emotional loss of her life — inspired me to specialize in my psychoanalytic practice to work with cancer patients, and to fulfill the need for a holistic healing center. La Casa started as a destination holistic center in the rain forest jungle  of Puerto Rico, and then in the urban jungle of NYC. I invite my readers, and all others, to partake of the restorative and profoundly cleansing therapies that have brought La Casa world-wide recognition. A personal note: there is not a single therapy offered at both La Casas that I have not incorportated into my own lifestyle.

Legal Disclaimer
Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products or therapies have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA nor any other medical authority approved these products pr therapies to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every person is unique, we highly recommend you to consult with your licensed health care practitioner about the use of products or therapies discussed here as it relates to your particular situation.