20 minutes: $50

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A panel using near and far infrared and negative ions which is nature’s energizer, delivering a molecular level massage.  This accelerates and deepens all healing and cleansing processes. It balances pH by decreasing acidity and is considered the “Master Power Switch” which activates the body’s entire cellular communication system, making all body functions work better!  Negative ions alleviate allergies, migraines and sinus problems.

Light is a REQUIRED NUTRIENT for the body

(just like food and water).

If you’re NOT doing at least 30 minutes of morning sun and 20-30 minutes of midday sun everyday, you need to start supplementing with light.Light works by making whatever cells you expose it to work better. Whatever part of your body you want to name, if you shine near or far-infrared light, or full spectrum light on it, it will become a healthier, better functioning version of itself.





muscles eyes organs sperm cells stomach joints

skin cells wounds & damaged cells

brain enhances fat loss


increases blood flow

antibody production

decreases inflammation

increases production of Vitamin D

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