Lymphatic Cleansing

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Lymphatic cleansing:

1) Dry skin brush

2) Citrus purge

Begin the fast in the morning by taking either a bottle of Citrate of Magnesium or a tablespoon of either Epsom or Glauber salts dissolved in a glass of water. We find that most people prefer the Citrate of Magnesium because the taste isn’t awful. Most drugstores carry it. Two hours later, or when you feel hungry, start drinking the citrus punch which is alkalizing to the body. To make the punch, mix 6 lemons, 12 oranges and 6 grapefruits in a gallon glass jar. Fill the rest of the jar with distilled water. Drink a glass of this punch every hour throughout the day, with no other drink, food or dietary supplements. If you develop any uncomfortable sensations such as headache, dizziness or nausea, feel assured these symptoms are signs that the fast is doing exactly what it is supposed to do — cleaning out accumulated poisons from your body. This purge can be performed for one, two or three days (you get the most thorough cleansing from three days) and can be repeated every two months.  To augment the effect, you can go into a vegetable juice fast.  Do both fasts for the same amount of time.

3) Scrubbers massage

Begin with a shower or bath to make sure your skin is clean. Put 2 tablespoons of a cold-pressed vegetable oil (almond or avocado are both good) in a glass, porcelain or ceramic dish. Add a little essential oil to give your oil a scent. Then pull on your scrubbers and dip the

gloves into the oil mix. Massage gently in circles along your jaw line, cheeks, temples and forehead. Circle each place 5 times. Travel down the neck to the collarbone, still moving your massage hand in gentle circles. Circle both shoulders, each arm from shoulder to wrist, inside and outside. Circle above both breasts, on the outside of both breasts and then down the center between the breasts. Place both hands on the right side of the abdomen, fingers pointing down. Circle around the abdomen, going up under the rib cage, down the left side. Circle around the pubic area. Circle from your ankle to your groin on both legs, on both inside and outside of the legs. Circle each buttock. Circle both sides of your waist.

4) Rebounding

Jump in the morning; jump in the evening.