First session: 75 minutes: $600;  
Major Organ Body Scan: 45-minute: $479
All subsequent scans: 45 minutes: $200

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Taking readings from the body’s electromagnetic fields has been a standard diagnostic practice in medicine for many decades. The procedures of EEG and electrocardiography (ECG), for instance, are based on the detection of electromagnetic fields that arise in the central nervous system and heart muscle, respectively. Researchers have also found that relatively weak electromagnetic fields are associated with tissues other than the heart or central nervous system, and that they, too, carry information of diagnostic value.

The Matrix Decoder was developed using Russian technology after extensive research and clinical trials. This system is a non-invasive holistic method of screening your entire body – organs, tissues, cells and even on a sub-cellular level — in detail. The device “reads” the aberrance of all the body’s systems from natural harmonic frequency patterns, and thus, isolates the root cause of illness rather than the symptoms. The Matrix Decoder identifies not only current organic dysfunctions, but also the potential risk for future abnormalities. The bodily systems scanned are: circulatory, digestive, endocrine, integumentary, immune, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, urinary, and vestibular. Additional systems utilized in the assessment are iris diagnosis, heavy metal testing, alkaline/acid balance, aura reading, and much more.

The analysis performed gives information in the following classifications: pathology, bio-chemical, allergens, parasites, viruses, bacteria and other micro organisms. Remedies are offered for resonate foods, dietary supplements, homeopathic medicines, plant medicines, stones and crystals. Clients can take home homeopathic remedies targeted for their specific conditions.

A Matrix Decoder diagnosis gives specific guidelines for targeted use of the Cem Tech. The results have been outstanding.

A full report of findings is offered.

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