New Soviet Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain

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Remember the 1984 book, Soviet Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain? That book, and a later book called The Secret Lives of Plants, showed us how far ahead Russian research has been in the understanding of the interconnectedness of all things in the universe. From Russian discoveries, we have learned about the subtle world involving the interface between animals, plants and humans; we have learned about the arena of psychic communication and paranormal events; and we have learned, most recently, about the application of principles of quantum physics to healing.
I am so very pleased that there is a Russian scientist amongst us. Transplanted Russian researcher Michael Pizhadze has agreed to give a talk at La Casa next Tuesday evening. He will speak on healing technologies developed in Russia (by him and his Soviet colleagues) that utilize understanding of quantum physics.

Here is the interesting and recent story of how I came to know Michael:

I was consulting with Judith Volpe, M.D. about Molly’s health – trying to figure out why Mol has had repeated kidney infections. Judith suggested that I take her to “Michael in Brooklyn.” Without knowing anything other than that his name is Michael and that he lives in Brooklyn, Mol and I took the journey out to Brighton Beach on the coldest day of the year – 2 weeks ago. It was 6* when we left Brooklyn, but a balmy 10* when we arrived – yet Michael had just finished his ocean swim. (That alone would have impressed me. He is not a once-a-year Polar Bear – he is a twice a week repeated offender. I aspire to join him one day in the healing winter waters – but don’t hold your breath.)

While we were there, as Mol was sitting for the diagnostic procedure that we had come for, she started complaining about pain. She had started to sweat and shake and was in terrible, really unendurable pain – from menstrual cramps. She asked for an Advil. Michael said that he would get her one, but asked her if she could wait 10 minutes. He promised to take her pain away through another means, without the drug. Mol agreed to forego the drug for a few minutes, and try his method of pain-relief. Michael did some wizardry, and 10 minutes later, Mol reported that the pain was beginning to subside. 30 minutes later, she was utterly and absolutely pain-free. And the pain never returned. She sailed through the rest of her period.

You need to understand something about Mol’s history to get how miraculous this event was. For four years, every month, Mol has lost 2 days of her life – incapacitated by her menstrual pain. I can’t tell you how many notes I have written to her school, excusing her for being late because she was in too much pain to get out of bed, excusing her from gym, excusing her from school altogether. We have tried many holistic techniques – all to no avail – and thus, to my great unhappiness, she has resorted to drugs to aid in alleviating the pain.

To witness the pain utterly disappear – and not come back – to see her live her life pain-free on that first day of her period, as well as the rest of the 5 days – it was a stupendous event.

Michael introduced me to the new world (new to me) of millimeter wave and matrix technology healing. One of his miracle devices is called the CEM TECH. I bought it on the spot that cold day in Brooklyn. The CEM-TECH is based on 30 years of research conducted in Russia by – shall we say giants (at worse) or geniuses (most likely)? in the fields of Quantum Physics and Psychophysics – with whom Michael studied. The CEM TECH has proven itself to be so effective that it is approved as a medical device, class CE2A. It is used extensively by doctors, hospitals and clinics in Russia.

Then, last night, I had occasion to use my CEM TECH on two people – both complaining about pain. One of them was Gregg, who had been rebuilding the motor for the float room all day, and had come up for the pulsed magnetic treatment to relieve his back ache. But, the pulsed magnetic was in use at the time by a La Casa client. So I offered him the CEM TECH. I gave him a 10 minute treatment on the pain spot in his back– and then he stood and announced that he was completely pain-free. After a few minutes the La Casa client was finished with the pulsed magnetic machine. I asked if she felt better. She walked around (she has one leg shorter than the other and came because of severe back, knee and hip pain), and said that she felt better – looser with better range of motion – but that her knee still hurt. I asked if I could use the CEM TECH on her. She agreed, and like Gregg, 10 minutes later, she was completely pain-free. She was amazed. Gregg was amazed. Even Mol (a complete disbeliever who thinks her mom is a nut-job with the holistic stuff) has been amazed.

The Cem Tech, though does much more than pain-relief. It emits a frequency that is the same frequency as the cell membrane – so your body resonates with this “life” vibrational frequency, and, thus, you become healthier. But, there are many devices that do this. (I even own one of them, called the Guardian.) But these functions (pain-relief and resonating vibrationally with the cell membranes of your body) is only the beginning of what the CEM TECH can do. I am today on my 8th day of a 21 day whole-body detox. I have programmed the device to use the frequency of my own body. I can specify which organs, body parts I want to target. There is no other device that similarly RECORDS your own frequencies, and sends them back to you in a therapeutic fashion.

Come hear Michael talk about millimeter wave therapy and matrix technology – both based on quantum physics principles, and how these technologies are reflected in the CEM TECH and the other healing apparatuses that he uses. Be amazed (as we each have been in witnessing the effects of this technology) in understanding the profundity of all of what happens in our bodies/minds on levels that remain invisible – yet affect us strongly and deeply.