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Oregano is extremely rich in nutrients. It is a top source for vitamin E, niacin, trace minerals, iron and calcium. Like virtually all other herbs and spices, the active ingredients are found in the oil. Oregano oil exhibits the most potent anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties of any herbal oil. As well, it is a potent antiseptic and helps protect food from spoiling by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms. Just dab a couple of drops on food that is being stored. We always add a little oil of oregano to foods that we’re taking on a picnic. Put a few drops in your liquid dishwashing soap and you’ll need less soap because the oregano will clean the dishes better than the soap.

You can’t find a better cold and flu medicine than wild, organic oregano. When it’s combined with garlic and onion, its natural antibiotic activity is potentiated and all viruses, bacteria and fungi will be killed.

Oil of oregano also cures as well as prevents diarrhea. It can reverse lung disorders. It eases pain caused by toothaches. It takes the pain out of insect stings and burns. It is an energizer. It cures fungal infections of the scalp, toenails and fingernails or any other skin condition.

Caution: Most oregano that you will find is really marjoram or sage. The oregano you get from the supermarket and the oregano on top of pizzas is marjoram. If it’s labeled “Mexican oregano,” it’s really sage. Marjoram and sage don’t have the same effect as oregano.