Out in the Cold?

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Musings From 20th Street

Out in the Cold?

Respectfully submitted by Dr. Jane Goldberg
and La Casa Day Spa
41 E. 20th St
New York
NY. 10003

Readers Respond:
“Some time ago, after being administered an IV of magnesium, my body broke into spasms and I completely lost my voice.
An acquaintance of mine offered me the chance to come sit in her portable, heat-emitting, tent-like contraption.  
She said the limit is ten or twenty minutes. I sat for two hours. My voice returned.  
My body simply needed to be heated up.”

“Interesting… The Korean spa in Queens has an ice room — I go into it after the sauna.”

“Can  you imagine if you went from a cryo room immediately to hyperthermia room or a sauna, and then back to cryo room?
You laugh, but I used to do this for my basketball broken ankle, which I broke 3 times in college. The extreme vasoconstriction from the cold while my ankle and foot where in a pale of ice and water, then plunged into a pale of very hot water… talk about pain… but after 5 minutes of that plunged back to the ice water… The idea is to promote extreme rushes in blood flow and that limits scar tissue build up, so arthritis would not settle into the joint. It also lessens swelling, thereby getting better faster with less pain.
That’s the theory.
But that was my ankle and foot — have no idea what would happen if it was the entire body. Interesting though.”
Bill Gael, M.D.
“After a marathon, I take an ice cold bath. It helps reduce any soreness.”

“Thank you for this information about WBC.
I am so interested in this.
I have such terrible and constant pain from my back injury years ago ( broke C-5& 6, T- 9&10, L-4, 5&6)… I have noticed that I do feel better in the extreme temperatures, but I never thought of this that you wrote about.
Again, thanks!”

“My roommate had a stomach virus two days ago. In the middle of the night, I started having symptoms. One gastricumeel [homeopathic remedy] took care of it!  I can see why the FDA would find that intolerable. It’s not on hot or cold, but nevertheless useful!”

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Another great review from one of La Casa’s customers:

“I opted for the super-enriched oxygen steam bath — they assured me that it was a powerful detox treatment. I felt cleansed like never before — from inside to out. My skin — everywhere on my body — smelled fresh and looked terrific.”

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