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The benefits of PEMF,  have been demonstrated through more than 2000 university-level, double-blind, medical studies conducted in many countries. Pulsed magnetic devices now have FDA approval as a medical instrument in the healing of a variety of conditions including:

• Non-union bone fractures
• Muscle stimulation
• Urinary incontinence
• Depression and anxiety
• Migraine headaches• Post-Operative pain and swelling
• Brain cancer

We have found that PEMF therapy can be used as an immense stimulant for detoxification.

Watch and read on to see how PEMF energy work can supplement your healing as a part of your holistic treatments with us. Have questions? Don’t hesitate to call 212-673-2272 to see how PEMF Therapy can help you.


April 12, 1961: Russian Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space. Yet, for his one hour and 48 minutes of making a single cycle around the earth, the man paid heavily. He came back in near-critical condition, in spite of having had sufficient water, food and oxygen. He had severe bone loss, muscle degeneration, decreased metabolism, loss of perception/disorientation, and debilitating depression. He committed suicide at the age of 37.

The question of what caused Gagarin’s physical debilitation had to be answered before another flight was scheduled. Within short order, the puzzle was solved.

It was Gagarin’s separation from the natural pulsed magnetic energy of the earth that was the problem. Since that initial flight, all space-suits and space-stations have been equipped with pulsed magnetic devices. Science has documented that all living cells need exposure to pulsed magnetic fields; without this exposure, for even short periods of time, the effects on the body are the same as what Gagarin experienced. Within hours of non-exposure to the pulsating magnetic field of earth, cells die.

Cleopatra was probably the first celebrity to use magnets. Stories say that she slept with a Lodestone (magnetic stone) to keep her skin youthful. The therapeutic knowledge was passed to the Greeks who have been using magnets for healing since 2500 BC. Aristotle and Plato also referred to the benefits of Lodestones in their work.

The way in which the therapeutic value of magnetic pulse was first scientifically discovered has an interesting back-story.  It begins when the telegraph copper cable was being laid in the ocean between London to NY. When there was a break in the cable, the technicians had to determine exactly where the break was. After all, they couldn’t just send a diver down into the depths of the ocean with a flashlight. Instead, they sent a high voltage pulse of electricity. Wherever the electric charge hit a break in the cable, it would jump and create a spark gap which made a noise.

Acoustical equipment on a ship near-by could hear the sound. They were then able to send a diver down to the exact spot where the noise was coming from. Technicians on land would then shut off the electricity, and the diver would fix the break in the cable. But the men on land feeding the pulse through the cable with the high voltage machine noticed an interesting phenomenon: various pains that they had been suffering from disappeared.

Think of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy as a whole-body battery re-charger.


Inside each cell of your body are one or more energy factories (mitochondria). Surrounding this energy factory is a membrane through which nutrients go in and waste is expelled. Maintaining proper function of this membrane it critical to the health of the cell and in extension the entire being. Unfortunately, over time, this membrane begins to lose tonicity due to a multitude of environmental factors (toxins, pH, deficiencies, inflammation, electrical and magnetic interference) and the mitochondria are no longer able to effectively create energy molecules. The structure is therefore damaged in two ways; firstly the tonicity of the membrane is reduced by the change of ions inside and outside the cell and secondly by the adherence of toxins to the membrane surface.

This model of the inner mitochondrial membrane also extends to the outer membrane that surrounds all our cells. These function extremely similarly and are negatively influenced in the same way. PEMF therapy works by shocking the cell with a magnetic current, thereby shaking loose the toxins from the membranes surface and re-balancing the positive ions outside and negative inside of he cell.

The re-stabilization of the cellular membrane potential increases cellular communication, energy production, nutrient uptake, detoxification and general cellular biome homeostasis. This therapy can increase the efficiency and efficacy of almost all other medical and energetic therapies.

The increased efficiency of toxic removal is only possible through restoring the body’s optimal mitochondrial energy so that mercury, lead, dioxin, and PCBs can be successfully excreted out of the body. Disruption of electromagnetic energy in cells causes impaired cell metabolism. This is the final common pathway of disease. If cells are not healthy, the body is not healthy.


The benefits of PEMF,  have been demonstrated through more than 2000 university-level, double-blind, medical studies conducted in many countries. Pulsed magnetic devices now have FDA approval as a medical instrument in the healing of a variety of conditions including:

• Non-union bone fractures
• Muscle stimulation
• Urinary incontinence
• Depression and anxiety
• Migraine headaches

• Post-Operative pain and swelling
• Brain cancer

We have found that PEMF therapy can be used as an immense stimulant fo detoxification. We have seen detoxification increase by a factor of 2 to 3 when it is paired with other detoxification therapies. The opening of the detox channels in each cell allows massive discharge of toxins which would normally not be possible. A patient group at the Swiss clinic Paracelsus, using PEMF therapy during chelation, had a much higher wash out of heavy metals, resulting in lowering their levels of toxicity (as compared to the group without PEMF).

We have also seen almost instant pain relief. Many of our  clients feel diminution of long-standing chronic pain in their first session. We are gratified that the most recent FDA approval of the use of PEMF is for post-operative pain and swelling. Perhaps the FDA is beginning to get serious about assisting in both acute situations (like surgery) as well as degenerative diseases.



Today, we are all magnetically-deficient. We no longer absorb the pure and life-sustaining magnetic energy of Earth herself because we don’t have enough direct contact with her (from living in hi-rise apartments, to walking on concrete). As well, the electro-magnetic chaos of cell phones, microwaves, Wi Fi and internet waves contributes to our deficiency. Finally, the Earth’s magnetic field is not fixed in position or strength. In the last hundred years, it has weakened on the average by about 6 percent. In the last thousand years, it has fallen nearly 30 percent. Scientists have determined that 4000 years ago, Earth’s magnetic field was 5.0 gauss. Today it’s 0.5 gauss — a drop of 90%.

The usefulness of PEMF has been shown in clinical usage to be systemic to all functions of the body. The treatment works by addressing the underlying cause of all disease: stagnation at the cellular level. PEMF improves cellular metabolism through encouraging a flow and release of cellular constipation. Bodily traffic jams are restored to an even flow of orderly transport of oxygen and nutrients to the whole system. Thus, PEMF both detoxifies as well as promotes better absorption of nutrients.


All the tissues of your body are made of cells. Every function that occurs in your body is due to the activity of cells. Each cell has a waterproof membrane surrounding and protecting it. Because of IONS within the cell that hold an electrical charge, the cell membranes, too, have an electrical charge. A young and healthy cell has a membrane charge of around 70 millivolts. The body’s over-all electromagnetic field is naturally at a higher intensity than all pathogenic cells, including bacterial, viral, cancer and fungal cells. An aged cell, similarly, has a membrane charge that is lower than a healthy cell.

A cancer tumor cell has a charge as low as 15 millivolts. When the membrane charge becomes critically low, the cell has too little energy. In order for the cell to become healthy again, energy must be given to the cell. Exposing the cells to pulsed magnetic energy from a PEMF will increase the cell’s energy, thus optimizing all its functions. Unlike both electric and electromagnetic fields, pure magnetic fields penetrate freely everywhere in the body.

Disruption of electromagnetic energy in the cells causes impaired cellular metabolism. This is the final common pathway of disease. One study was done with 220 M.D.’s in European countries from 1999-2002. Over 1000 patients were followed after receiving PEMF. Results showed large-scale improvement in arthritis, depression, diabetes type II, edema, fibromyalgia, fractures, general pain, headaches (both migraine and non-migraine), heart disease, hypertension, immune system disorders, incontinence and bladder problems, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, sleep disorders, spinal column diseases, stomach disorders, strokes, tennis elbow, tinnitus, fatigue, ulcers, wound healing.


• Improves intercellular fluid & blood flow
• Stimulates the production of ATP
• Increases cellular energy levels
• Increases cellular oxygen levels
• Promotes cellular healing
• Stimulates intercellular communication
• stimulates electron transport in cells


• Significant pain relief
• Accelerates tissue repair
• Accelerates cell growth
• Promotes faster healing of injuries
• Reduces fibrous tissue formation
• Reduces swelling & inflammation
• Stimulates release of endorphins


• Cancer
Crocetti et al., 2013, tested the potential of low frequency machine to kill breast cancer cells. The damage done to these cells was noticed after three days of daily exposure to pulsed electromagnetic field systems.
Healthy cells are elastic and benefit from electromagnetic charge. Cancer cells in comparison are brittle and are destroyed by the sudden increase in negative ion charge.
There are numerous other studies showing the initiation of apoptosis and necrosis in cancerous tissue while displaying a beneficial effect on the surrounding cell tissue. [1]–[3]

• Depression
A research team from Harvard found PEMF to cause a “significant improvement in mood” after one 20-minute treatment. This research was so convincing that in 2011, the FDA approved PEMF as a treatment for depression.

• Osteoarthritis
PEMF has shown to decrease pain and increase function of arthritic joints [4]–[9]

• Osteoporosis
PEMF has shown to decrease bone loss and increase osteoclast function (bone building) [10], [11]

• Bone injuries fractures, breaks
Increased osteoblast activity, increased bone healing speed in early and late stages of bone restoration [11]–[14]

• Tissue injuries
Increased collagen production in diabetic wound healing [15], [16]

• Pain
Reduces perception of pain [5], [17].

• Joint Pain
In an 11-year study on 3014 patients suffering from joint pain, PEMF was effective in 78.8% of the patients in reversing pain.

• Shoulder pain
 In a landmark, double-blind study on rotator cuff pain, PEMF was effective for 83% of patients in 16 weeks to treatment.

• Wrist pain 
PEMF was 93% effective in patients with carpal tunnel pain.

• Back pain
Patients treated had a variety of chronic conditions, including herniated disc, spinal nerve compression, sciatica, torn cartilage; 95% of patients found pain relief.
Also, Richards, in 2000 documented patients with low back pain due to lumbar disc injuries, who had failed to be treated with medical or surgical interventions. These patients had PEMF sessions and were followed for a period of 16 months. Fusion of their back bones was successful in almost 98% of patients who received PEMF compared to 53% of patients who received no stimulation.

• Elbow pain
PEMF was more effective in pain relief than steroid injections in patients with tennis elbow pain.

• Migraines
In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, PEMF was 88% effective  against migraines. as a result of this research, the FDA approved PEMF for the treatment of migraines.

• Inflammation
Reduced Il-6 and other inflammatory markers [18].

• Insomnia
In a double-blind study of sleep, 100 people with insomnia, after four weeks of treatment, 70% of them experienced “substantial or complete relief.” 24% had “clear improvement,” and 6% had “slight improvement.”

• Vision
96.7% of patients receiving PEMF had improved visual acuity after 10 treatments.

• Memory, heart conditions, dental issues, smoother skin, help with quitting smoking
PEMF has been shown to assist in all of these conditions.

Major Study of 1,116 patients proves magnetic-field therapy effective
From May of 1999 to December 2002, General Practitioners from several European countries voluntarily took part in a major stud of magnetic-field therapy.  None of the doctors received compensation. Over an 8-week period, the 220 General Practitioners noted the effects of magnetic-field therapy on 1,116 patients who suffered from the 42 categories of medical conditions.  At the end of the test period, the patients were placed in one of three categories: 1) complaint free, 2) improved, or 3) unchanged.

For example, 23 patients suffered from allergies. By the end of the study, 16 of them were complaint-free, 4 were improved and 3 were unchanged.

You might be surprised by the results the patients in this study got from other common ailments:

• Arthritis: Out of 236 arthritis sufferers 112 became complaint free, 83 were improved, and 41 were unchanged

• Depression: Out of 42 depressed patients, 27 became complaint free, 11 were improved, and 4 were unchanged.

• Diabetes Type II: Out of 26 diabetes type II patients, 15 became complaint free, 6 were improved, and 7 were unchanged.

• Edema: Out of 17 edema patients, 13 were complaint free, 3 were improved, and 1 was unchanged.

• Fibromyalgia: Out of 12 fibromyalgia patients, 3 became complaint free, 3 were improved, and 6 were unchanged.

• Fractures: Out of 22 patients with fractures, 22 became complaint free.  Magnetic-field therapy speeded up their healing process.

• General pain: Out of 32 patients in pain, 23 became complaint free, 8 were improved, and 1 was unchanged.

• Headaches (non-migraine): Out of 50 patients with headaches, 37 were complaint free, 9 were improved, and 4 were unchanged.

• Heart disease: Out of 22 heart disease patients, 11 were complaint free, 3 were improved, and 8 were unchanged.

• Hypertension (high blood pressure): Out of 54 patients with hypertension, 32 became complaint free, 13 were improved, and 9 were unchanged.

• Immune system disorder: Out of 16 patients with immune system disorders, 12 became complaint free, 4 were improved. No body was unchanged.

• Incontinence and bladder problems: Out of 10 patients with incontinence, 6 became complaint free, 3 were improved, and 1 was unchanged.

• Migraine headaches: Out of 49 Migraine patients, 30 became complaint free, 14 were improved, and 5 were unchanged.

• Multiple Sclerosis: Out of 14 M.S. patients, 4 became complaint free, 6 were improved, and 4 were unchanged.

• Osteoporosis: Out of 30 osteoporosis patients, 18 became complaint free, 9 were improved, and 3 were unchanged.

• Rheumatism: Out of 48 rheumatism patients, 34 became complaint free, 11 were improved, and 3 were unchanged.

• Sleep disorders: Out of 176 patients with sleep disorders, 115 became complaint free, 42 were improved, and 19 were unchanged.

• Spinal column diseases and disorders: Out of 243 patients with spinal problems, 162 became complaint free, 54 were improved, and 27 were unchanged.

• Stomach disorders: Out of 16 patients with stomach disorders, 14 became complaint free, 1 was improved, and 1 was unchanged.

• Strokes (the condition after the stroke): Out of 11 stroke patients, 4 became complaint free, 4 were improved, and 3 were unchanged.

• Tennis elbow: Out of 20 patients with tennis elbow, 16 became complaint free, 3 were improved, and 1 was unchanged.

• Tinnitus: Out of 33 tinnitus patients, 8 became complaint free, 17 were improved, and 8 were unchanged.

• Tiredness/Exhaustion/Stress: Out of 63 exhausted patients, 45 became complaint free, 14 were improved, and 4 were unchanged.

• Ulcers: Out of 22 patients with ulcers, 18 became complaint free, 3 were improved, and 1 was unchanged.

• Wound healing: Out of 29 patients with wounds, 26 became complaint free, 1 was improved, and 2 were unchanged.

The two PDF files below provide a summary of medical studies regarding the biological effects of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy:

1) Download (PDF) to view Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies on the Effects of Magnetics on….
2) Download (PDF) and Click on each Study for a link to the study found on www.pubmed.com.


Combine with a colonic: When PEMF is combined with a colonic, the cleansing/detoxification effect of the digestive tract is unsurpassed.

Combine with a float: When PEMF is used in combination with large amounts of magnesium, the pain relief is greater than any drug effect, without the side-effects. La Casa’s Floatation chamber has 800 pounds of Epson Salts (magnesium) saturated in water. Doing a PEMF therapy before a float is a sure-fire way of reducing pain.

Combine with a massage: Sleep is dramatically improved with PEMF due to the increased healing activity during the sleep phases and because of the increased energy levels that are necessary for healing. When PEMF is combined with massage, the relaxation/repair mode of the body is radically positively affected.

Combine with ozone steam cabinet: PEMF has FDA approval in the US for specific cancers. PEMF is used in most cancer clinics throughout Europe. It is, in fact, considered standard-of-care as a cancer treatment in Europe. It has been shown to destroy cancer cells, to re-differentiate unhealthy and inflamed cells, to activate DNA repair, and to cause apoptosis (cellular suicide) in cancer and inflamed cells. When PEMF is combined with an ozone steam bath, the PEMF loosens the pathogenic cells; the ozone kills the pathogens (ozone kills every pathogen known to mankind); and the sweating from the heated steam cabinet releases the toxins from the body.

Combine with both ozone and colonic: This combination has to be considered the most effective, fastest way of detoxing the whole body.


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