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Rebounding is unique as an aerobic exercise because it stimulates, strengthens and cleanses every cell in the body. This is because it uses vertical motion rather than the horizontal motion that is used in all other forms of exercise.

Simply explained, when you bounce up and down, your entire body goes through repetitive vertical acceleration and deceleration, working against gravity. At the bottom of every bounce, your entire body stops for a split second. At this moment, the force of gravity shoves down on every cell in your body. This is the deceleration working with gravity. Then your body shoots back upward, again stopping for just a split instant. This is your moment in space. The movement upward has exerted pressure on your body from the opposite direction of the downward movement. This is the acceleration working against gravity. Because of the repetitive pushing and pulling on all your cells, the tissues and fibers and muscles in your body all grow stronger. This includes your heart fibers and the muscle layers within the arterial walls, even if you don’t dramatically get your heart rate up.

Also, rebounding cleanses and purifies every cell. Your cells depend on the diffusion of fluid through the permeable membranes in order to carry oxygen, nutrients, hormones and enzymes into the cell, and to flush out metabolic waste. This process is increased by a factor of 300% by rebounding. This is because at the top of every bounce, your body actually becomes weightless for a fraction of a second. The cells therefore oscillate between increased G-force and no G-force, providing a constant compression/decompression factor.  This on-going compression/decompression of the cell membranes significantly boosts the diffusion of fluid into and out of the cells, carrying fresh oxygen and nutrients, and flushing out the toxins. There is literally no other form of exercise that has this same capacity for total cellular cleansing.

The lymph system, specifically, cleans the body of debris. Lymph fluid surrounds every cell in your body. The human body contains three times more lymph fluid than it does blood. The pressure that is exerted on the lymphatic system in rebounding activates the valves in the lymph channels to their maximum capacity, increasing lymph flow by as much as 30 times normal. In fact, the entire lymph system can be cleansed in the span of a single, short session on the trampoline. Clogged lymph nodes are cleared; tonsils and adenoids are cleansed, as are the larger organs of the appendix and spleen.

And if you thought that was enough, there is still more. Jumping can also substantially boost the immune system by increasing the activity of lymphocytes within the bloodstream. Any form of exercise can, of course, do this. But research shows that when the body is exposed to higher than normal gravitational pressure, such as that produced in rebounding, that the lymphocyte activity is increased to the greatest extent. With more lymphocyte activity, infectious organisms are more quickly zeroed in on, attacked and neutralized by the lymphocytes, and infection is much less likely to settle in.

For all these reason, NASA has embraced rebounding, and shown that it is 68% more effective as a fitness conditioner than running or any other form of aerobic exercise. Do what we do at La Casa. Jump in the morning and jump at night.