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At La Casa, we believe in Red Light. We need to think about light as a neecessary nutrient, like food and water. La Casa has long used various applications of red light, including our MyLightWave device, and our RejuvaPod.

Our newest addition is the FireWave. Read what Kris Sweeting, creator of this Far and Near combo InfraRed device, says, and you’ll see why we are so excited to include this as part of the La Casa Experience.  Or have a more intense experience of a Light Bath with this FireWave, as well as our Vitamin D and full spectrum lights.

The most effective wavelengths in the red and near-infrared spectrum are 630 and 670, 760 and 830nm. However 760 has been found to be an “inactive” wavelength

(see graph below).

Skin Rejuvenation

Red and near infrared therapy stimulates metabolic activity in the skin’s fibroblasts, increasing collagen production. Here is a picture from another study showing collagen concentrations before and after 12 weeks of red light therapy. It has also shown to decrease gene expression associated with skin aging.

But what wavelengths are best for achieving this? In the medical literature, it showed that combining 630nm with 830nm resulted in the most significant increase in collagen. This is because the action spectra for tissue regeneration consists of more than 1 wavelength of light. Combining wavelengths can result in synergy!​

Can light therapy regrow hair? Absolutely, near infrared light, 830nm is the best. Red and near infrared light has also been shown to increase hair growth. It does this through a multitude of mechanisms that result in an environment that allows the hair follicle to thrive.

Actually in the medical literature, increases between 50 and 100% in actual hair count are not uncommon. That’s double the amount of hair, not even taking into account increases in hair shaft diameter or tensile strength. Pretty incredible.

Near infrared light therapy has also been shown to increase muscle acquisition by 2x or 50%. In a study performed on two identical twins, one twin used near infrared light therapy directly after working out. The twin who used the light therapy gained 2x the muscle of the other twin. Everything else was the same including diet, workout protocol, environment etc. That’s double muscle — 2x the gains in the gym. That’s unmatched in the body building arena. The only thing that can come close is anabolic steroids and these drugs can have long term health consequences. On the other hand, red light therapy has almost no documented adverse effects.​

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